Rainbow Hurricane Part 1 [Mission]

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Rainbow Hurricane Part 1 [Mission]

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:40 pm

Mission Name: Training
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: Go train so you can be the best! Don't kill any dragons though!
Requirements: Train!
Player Count: 1
Reward: 75 exp 50k rupees
Word Count: 150 words for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

Rython sprung up from his bed, awaking from his ten hour slumber, landing safely on the wooden floor and walking into the shower, making sure to bring his purple towel with him. Ever since last night, he already had a plan for what he was doing in the morning. Rython needed to develop his technique. The adolescent had plenty of power and speed behind his attacks, but it meant nothing if he couldn't extract the full potential behind each of his attacks.

Fifteen minutes in the shower had passed. Usually, his showers were only a third of the time, but he did a little multitasking, such as brushing his teeth. Rython came out of the shower feeling incredibly clean, checking the mirror in front of him with a wide grin. His teeth were as white as always!

As he exited the bathroom, he went into one of the draws and began taking out his training clothes. Sliding into his underwear and purple jumpsuit, he began thinking about how he would create new techniques. It would be pretty hard without any type of books or a teacher, but Rython was confident he could do it. He'd been called a prodigy by many others, even if he didn't feel the term was quite right. He still wasn't on the level his brother was, who picked up things that took years to master in a matter of days.

Eventually, he would show his brother the progress that he made. They would all be avenged, because no matter how evil his clan was, he loved them. Rython was kind of starting to feel like a broken record, though. He had been feeling like this for the past week, the thoughts cycling through his head. It would be better for him to ignore this, and focus more on his training...

Once properly dressed, he left his house. The streets were busy, as everyone was rushing to work in carts or on foot. The training field was a fifteen minute walk from here. It seemed like a rather standard walk until he bumped into a familiar acquaintance.

The runt, as Rython liked to call him just to tease him, glared at him.

"Hey! Watch where you're going, idiot! I don't care if you can beat me up, you still need to learn some manners!"

All Rython could do was laugh at Shizuo's fiery temper, patting him on his bald head as if he were a pet.

"Glad I bumped into you! Listen, can ya come to the training grounds? I need to make some new skills so I can get stronger, and you look like you're capable of helping. I may even need to test them out on you...I need a moving dummy, after all heheh..then, I guess I'll go out and get some ramen."

Shizuo glared at Rython.

"Idiot..you can't just make a new skill in a couple of hours! It takes weeks, even months to make a new skill! You're making it from scratch without any guidelines..think about that!"

But of course, whenever someone said that Rython couldn't do something, it made him want to do it even more, filling him with an invigorating confidence. It was a bit funny, too. Even though Shizuo doubted that Rython could do it, he still followed him to the training fields. Was he secretly trying to help, or did he want to see Rython fail?

When the duo arrived at the training field, it was pretty much the sake as it always was. An endless ocean of grass with a couple of trees and rocks, nothing worth looking at. But, he supposed the simplicity made it the perfect field for training.

Shizuo observed from afar, about ten meters, just in case Rython accidentally hit him. The midget still remembered the pain he frlt from the last spar..

Rython stared down a log about the same size as him, descending into a stance, focusing his power into his left leg..


A powerful roundhouse decapitated the log, but, it still wasn't enough for Rython. However, Shizuo was rather surprised by the power..he didn't say anything, though.

"This kind of power isn't enough...I'm not focusing fast enough, which could leave me wide open. Plus, I feel like I could squeeze out some more damage from that attack...and maybe come up with a different name, hahah..Rainbow Hurricane is too cheesy, even for me. But, I guess I can't blame myself, I came up with it in the heat of the moment.."

Shizuo frowned, looking at Rython.

How is he so good? I can sense the power from here, and it isn't even fully developed...man, I don't think he was joking when he said that he was going to master this move today..

WC: 778


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Re: Rainbow Hurricane Part 1 [Mission]

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