Circe Catacomb

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Circe Catacomb

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The Ambassador

Name: Circe Catacomb
Alias: Jinx, Goron Ambassador, Goron Champion
Age: Thirty-Two
Class: Fighter
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Goron
Kingdom: Labrynna
Special features: Jinx is a very human-like Goron, more so then the average Goron that is. Having unusually light, blonde hair along with smooth, dark skin, Circe is rarely discovered as a Goron. Her earthy exterior is almost entirely compacted together,  and flexible. Unlike most Goron, Circe is made up of a more clay-like material. This does not allow for her to completely mold her physical form, however, it does allow for her to be far more flexible then even the average human, along with being more agile. Of course, there is a down side to this, for she can get injured far easier than the average Goron. 

Personality: Circe is a silent being. Being born mute, the young Goron doesn't think about such things like socializing. She is a quiet soul who uses bold movements to convey her ideas, not caring what others think as long as her message has been heard. Her messages, however, are never unreasonable. Constantly thinking about things, over analyzing them over and over again, Circe will not communicate until her idea is at the peak of its perfection, crafted and molded so that it is of the up most pertinence. 

Circe is not one to waste peoples time, nor does she tolerate people wasting her own. Unless she is asleep, Circe has a task at hand, physical or mental. Whether it be keeping herself busy by formulating battle strategies in her head, or even thinking of ways to improve upon the Gorons existence. 

Despite her lack of vocal communication, Circe is an incredible leader. Constantly formulating strategies that will not only give her and her squad the greatest chance of success, but also the least amount of fatalities. Although the task at hand is important, nothing is more important to Jinx then the lives of her comrades. Goron or otherwise. Her opponents, however, are a different story. 

When in combat, Circe fights for total dominance, even if that means murdering her targets. She uses her clay like physique to trick her opponents, confusing them with her agility and flexibility, along with striking them with her small, seemingly insignificant strikes, egging them on to pursue her, and causing them to become so blinded by rage that they don't realize her strategy. She gained the nickname "Jinx" by causing so many of her enemies to tier themselves out before even striking her, dodging all their attacks and awaiting for them to run out of stamina, allowing for herself to swoop in with one, vital strike. 

~ Water
~ Keeping busy 
~ Superiority 
~ Hunting
~ Formulating ideas
~ Activity 
~ Meditation 
~ Disrespect 
~ Wasting time
~ Arguments
~ Meaningless violence 
~ Discrimination (especially against those of Goron decent) 
~ Due to her mothers death when Circe was young, she wished to assist the Goron race by getting rid of the Calamity illness.
~ Keeping the Goron race safe is of her top priority, not only because she has gained the title of "champion", but because she values the lives of her brethren more then anything else.  
~ Murdering the Gyrog that killed her father, and her squad. 
~ Formulating a plan which costs an ally, Goron or other, their life. 
~ Failing her people. 
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Yellow
Appearance: For a Goron, Circe is oddly human-like in appearance. Although she has dark, earthy skin, her bright yellow hair and emerald green eyes give her an unmistakable human appearance. Her slender, smooth clay figure doesn't come off as the figure of a earth made Goron, then again, feeling her slick, almost slimy, clay forged skin and flesh gives off a subtle hint. Her hair is left alone, forced to fend for its self as it clings together in messy sectioned off braids. 

As for attire, Circe wears a white, long sleeves, mid drift which zips up, covering the bottom half of her face. underneath this jacket, Circe wears an odd, shark like mask crafted from the skull of a sea beast Circe slayed in her younger days, a mask which covers her mouth, neck, and majority of her chest and breasts. Matching this attire is a large white skirt which falls down to her ankles, flowing in the find and giving her more then enough room to roam around freely without restriction from clothing. The skirt is held together by a thick, black belt. 
Born mute, not many people could understand Circe. Even her parents, the people who tried their best to cherish and protect her, couldn't understand the methods Circe used to communicate, methods which typically were violent and unsanctioned actions which damaged various walls, floors, and pieces of furniture. Although these methods weren't condoned by her parents, they saw a use for them. 

Her father, a member of the Goron militia, began to train her from the young age of 4. At first, it was a complete failure. Teaching her the basics of Goron combat didn't seem to work for her, she would preform the techniques she learned almost flawlessly, however, they wouldn't cause the damage or impacts that one would except from a Goron, young or not. It was when she reached the age of six, after two years of training, that her father got an idea. he told her to forget everything he had taught her, and left her to fend for herself against 4 Chuchu's. Watching from the trees, he was amazed to see how his six year old daughter fared against the creatures. She was quick, nimble, far more quick and nimble then the average Goron. Dodging left and right, it was evident that she wasn't and average Goron. 


As the four creatures were easily taken out, not being very strong opponents in the first place, Circe's father had her checked out by the village shaman. It was then discovered that she was not made by the same rocky exterior that most Goron were composed of, instead, she was crafted from a slick, clay/mud-like substance. 

It was then the father knew how to train her. Day after day was the same, learning nothing but new techniques and how to flawlessly execute them. That is, until she was 16 and her mother fell fatally ill. It was sudden, and within days, she had passed. Circe didn't have much of a connection with her mother, however, it was still her mother. And the shock of loosing her struck her deeper then any wound she had gotten through training. The village shaman stated that it was an illness known as "The calamity",  an unknown sickness contracted by the Goron every four-hundred years for thirty days and thirty nights, and her mother had been the unlucky victim this time around. 

Although the wound struck her deep, it was only more motivation for Circe to train. Now having realized just how fragile her people truly were, being able to be struck down by a simple illness, Circe began to value the lives of her people even more. By the age of 18, she had joined the Goron Militia, being under the command of her father. For the first few years, she fared well. Raising in ranks quickly, so quickly that by the age of 21 she had already reached the same rank as her father. They were then split up for a few years, where Circe was given her own squad to lead, a squad composed of three of her best female soldiers known as the "Femme Fatales". 

They were put on infiltration missions, use their charm and skills to get in and out of enemy territory without leaving any witnesses, and gathering necessary Intel for success. They were able to do this using the recognized skill of Circe's strong strategical brain. 

Six years later, 27 year old Circe and the Femme Fatales were summoned to Crescent Island, along with a 20 man army led by Circe's father. A Gyrog had been wreaking havok on the beaches of Crescent Island, and Circe and her father were needed to end such a thing. Sadly, the beast was abnormal, horrifyingly stronger then it should have been. After battling for hours. Her father slipped up, and with his life, along with the lives of 10 others, he lost them all. One of Circes own soldiers was in this casualty rating. 

The creature returned to the sees after the fight to sustain injuries, Circe, however, waiting. Setting up camp on Crescent island along with the two remaining members of Femme Fatale to get revenge. The other soldiers all fled, seeing no reason to risk their lives on a mission that had finished. Circe didn't blame them, nor hold any malice towards them. 

Weeks past, and a creature rose to shore. It was  Gyrog. Mistaking it for the one that killed her father, Circe formulated a plan, and without any casualties, she murdered the Gyrog. It was merely seconds later that Circe realized her mistake. It was too small to have been the one to kill her father. It was then another Gyrog appeared, the dead ones mother, the same Gyrog that killed her father. Circe charged back into battle. So fulled by rage, a hunger for revenge and an announce that she wasted her strategy  on the first weakling, the young women didn't formulate a new one first, her strategy was merely to kill the thing. And what a failure that was. 

Losing both the remaining members of the femme fatales, along with almost her own life, the creature was scared off by an in coming army. Horrified by her loss, The mute leader Took the Gyrog she had slayed, and de-boned it. Using the culls and chest bones to create a mask like muzzle, she put it on her self. A constant reminder of the lives she lost because rage had taken over. 


She was then demoted, and forced to go into a squad led by a fairly sexist man, one who believed she was only good for back up. 

At the age of 30, Circe's new squad was called to assist the new Goron Chief in slaying the Dodongo. It was a long battle, one that Circe made the mistake of taking orders from her new squad leader who didn't want her assisting. His plan was flawed, and after watching countless allies get taken down by the creature, Circe disobeyed orders, and acted on her own free will. 

Charging into battle, Circe took on the Dodongo with no help but that of the chief, signaling for all of her comrades to leave it to her and get to safety. Of course the chief did not listen to her, and insisted on helping her out. Hours passed, but finally. Circe and the Chief, Konungr,  slayed the Dodongo. 


It was that very instant that Circe was named the Champion of the Goron people, and not shortly after was she given the title of ambassador as well. She was then sent off to help out the colonies of Gorons in Labrynna, occasionally going back to Hyrule to check up on thing and formulate strategies with the king. 

RP Sample: 
Not a care in the world for the men below her, walking from left to right, armor giving away their every position as Circe clung to the ceiling, undetected by any of the guards below her. A simple recon. she reminded herself, waiting for majority of the guards to go their separate ways. now! With just two guards left below her, she let go of her grip from the ceiling. Katars in hand, she sliced into the eye holes of the helmet. Listening to a small exhale, she lifted her foot, jamming it into the chest of the second guard, knocking the wind out of him before he could call for help. A knife taken from her back pocket, she quickly jammed it into the mans throat.

Catching the body, making sure it didn't make a sound, Circe lowered it to the ground. The left hall should be clear. Getting up, she sprinted forward. She had a good one-hundred and twenty seconds before the next group of guards made their way into that room, that gave her one-hundred and twenty seconds to grab what she needed. The room, being just up ahead, had a large, gold door, A safe, she thought to herself, grinning under the Gyrog skull coating her mouth. 

Putting the katars onto the holsters on her back, she gripped the handles of the safe, and pulled. Her strength wasn't that commendable, certainly not powerful enough to rip open a locked safe. The grin now being bitten by her own teeth, Circe began to look around. She had to get into the safe, about forty more seconds before the bodies were discovered. I should have hidden them! she criticized herself. It was then she heard foot steps, 

The foot steps of her savior. 

Using the Katars, she scurried up the walls, not caring if the holes in the wall were noticed. A man walked up to the door, and pulled out a key. "time to check on the plans." The man spoke, inserting the key, and beginning to unlock the door. That is, until a man shouted from down the hall. 

"Intruder!" He shouted. Damn it! Times up. letting go of the cieling, she grabbed her knife, putting it through the mans neck, and grabbing the key. Quickly darting inside, she saw what she came for, a small chest in the center of the room. grabbing it, she quickly opened to make sure it was the right thing. Letting out a fairly silent sigh of relief, she saw three scrolls inside. Enemy strategies. She smirked, darting out the door and taking the long way out, taking a left instead of going from the way she came. A few guards stood before her, but she didn't other worry about them. Using her agility to weave around the guards, she then leaped out the window. 

Glass cascaded down behing Circe, slamming on the ground just after herself. Shaking glass out from her hair, she continued to run, and she wouldn't stop till she got back to bade. 

Back to Chief Konungr. 
Reference: On my own
Face claim: Tier Harribel/Bleach/Circe Catacomb

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