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Bastian Waystrider

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Name: Bastian Waystrider
Alias: The Wayfaring Ranger, Eradan (Named by his teacher Mara), The Waystrider (by some who knows him)
Age: 21
Class: Ranger
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Human
Kingdom: Holodrum
Special features: Silvered Eyes (Notable feature of Waystrider clansmen and women)

Bastian appears in grim and cold to anyone he meets. He is not easy to befriended with anyone whom he newly meets and rather keeps his distant from them unless they call him. Because he is from Waystrider clan and his upbringing within the clan(a human clan which rarely contacts with outsiders except those who came from Holodrum), he shows his distrust to any outsiders and strangers. It is hard to earn Bastian's trust after what happened in his past life as a mercenary, he is a loner who secludes himself from the crowd. As a mercenary, Bastian expects fair amount of payment from his clients and if the amount is too low than his expectation, Bastian will threatens the clients with violence. Furthermore, Bastian does not take threats lightly and he will face them in return. Thus, anyone who intends to insult or slander him, Bastian will be happy to oblige them.

Despite his cold demeanor, Bastian is not entirely an evil individual. He knows which is right and which is wrong, Bastian himself have moral principles despite he is a mercenary. Once a contract is made, Bastian will never broke the contract or violate it until the contract reaches it's due. Sometimes if individuals (especially those who are poor and desperate) beg him for help, Bastian will never turn them away and help them without charging them any fees. He is also fond of animals particularly domestic and wild ones (probably because his Blessing, the Forest Faith). If anyone gained his trust and friendship, Bastian will turn to another person; he becomes gentle and soft-spoken to his friends and never let them down. Even though skilled ranger and a warrior, Bastian remains humble about his abilities. However if the individual betrays his trust, Bastian becomes hostile and confronting towards to the individual and they will never gain his trust again. Like the rest of his fellow Waystrider clanmates, Bastian possesses the spirit of nobility even though he is a nomad.

Even though he is far away from home, Bastian longs to see his fellow clanmates and his father. He is fiercely takes pride in his heritage as a Waystrider. Some times, he wishes to see the current royalty of Hyrule Princess Zelda to listen to his request; permitting his clan to come back to Hyrule and pledge their services to her like his ancestors did back in the past. He is also cares deeply for the well-being of his clan, anyone who insults or mocks his clan will face Bastian's anger. He knows about Hylian languages and texts, Bastian also knows histories throughout the Lands of Hyrule as well as the other kingdoms. He also respects the Hylians and holds them in high regard since they permitted his ancestors to settle in the Lands of Hyrule back in ancient times. Bastian also regretted for rebelled and left his teacher Mara when he was a teenager, now he knows that the world is more realistic and crueler than his imagination.

In combat, Bastian does not hesitate and is rather waiting for an opportunity to strike. A skilled archer of the Waystrider clan, Bastian often picked off his targets from distance with his bow and arrows, he was more skilled in archery than swordsmanship. Instead of facing off his opponents head on, Bastian often uses "hit-and-run" tactics such as shooting his arrows at them while running towards or avoiding them. Once if he got the upperhand in the fighting, Bastian becomes more brutal and ferocious with his attacks. Furthermore, a forest is Bastian's favorite battleground.

- Domestic and wild animals
- Honorable individuals and deeds
- Fair amount of payment from his clients after the contract is done
- Archery
- Hylians
- His clan

- Betraying his trust
- Mercenaries who are being unscrupulous and not honor their contracts
- Falsehood
- Demons and any individuals who serve the forces of evil

- To search the Hero: After the hooded figure was gone, Bastian took it as a sacred task and determined to find the hero to pledge his assistance to him, like the Waystriders of the Old.

- To reclaim the honor of the Waystriders: Because of they caused major damages in a bloodied clan war, the Waystriders were banished from the Kingdom of Hyrule many centuries ago. As the only Waystrider who arrived the lands of Hyrule, Bastian determined to request for an audience with Princess Zelda and beg her to let his clan come back to Hyrule after their exile, he is willing to do any tasks which given by the Hylian princess as long as his clan are permitted to come back and regain the clan's honor.

- To see forgiveness from his teacher: After he knew the life as a mercenary is a hard path and the world is cruel than he imagined, Bastian was filled with regret after he exchanged words of war with his teacher Mara and left her without a notice. Right now he wishes to seek her out and ask for her forgiveness.

- To search the other Waystriders who left the Woods of Winter: Bastian knows that there were some Waystriders who left the woods in Holodrum and settled themselves somewhere around the kingdoms. If the clan's return to Hyrule is permitted, then he will search for them and bring them all together as one true Waystrider clan before going back to Hyrule.

- Failed to reclaim the honor of his clan: If he fails to persuade Princess Zelda or she rejects his plea, then Bastian believes not just that he had failed his clan, the honor of the Waystrider clan will not be reclaimed and they will continue their lives in exile within the Woods of Winter for eternity.

- Failed to complete his sacred task for searching the hero: If he fails his sacred task, then Bastian's pride as a Waystrider clan member will be gone and he had no doubts that the forces of evil will victorious if they arrived onto the lands.

Height: 6"1"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eye color: Silvered
Hair color: Black

Like the descendants of the Waystriders, Bastian possessed pale white skin tone and silvered eyes. He stood about 6"1" tall with slight athletically buil, Bastian grew his hair long until they reached past of his nape and sometimes he braided his side hairs if he wanted it. He possessed serious-looking eyes and he often appeared grim expression which was suited his personality. As for his clothing, Bastian was more like a ranger especially he dressed hooded cloak, leather jerkin, long sleeve shirt, brown trousers, leather vambraces and jackboots.

The Waystrider Clan

"Swift as an arrow, tempered as a blade." ~ Motto of the Waystriders

Long ago, a group of human foreigners known as the Larians arrived at the Land of Hyrule by sea and these foreigners were survivors of the fall of their kingdom Laria which was located far east away from Hyrule. Eventually, these silvered eyes humans settled in the forests which was outskirts of Hyrule Castle Town. To survive in a foreign kingdom, the Larians became foragers and hunters while some (but only few) became traders and merchants. Those who served in the Larian army back then were became rangers of the forests, safeguarding their homes and protecting the other villages from the forces of evil. Since then, the Larians became a clan thus they adopted the name "Waystrider" as their clan's name and a griffon as their clan's symbol. When Hyrule went to war against the forces of demons, the warriors of Waystrider clan volunteered to join the war and with their skills of archery and swordsmanship, the Waystriders managed to defeat the forces of demons but with costs of many lives. Because of their selfless valor, the Waystriders became friends and valuable ally of Hyrule especially the Hylians. Two centuries later, the Waystriders warred upon with Vankirk, other human clan over a blood feud and caused major damages within the lands of Hyrule. After the incident, the royal family of Hyrule had no choice but banished the Waystriders from the kingdom (This incident resulted in great punishment such as death but the royalty of Hyrule did not forget the Waystriders' service in the past and they were saddened as they decided to banish the clan). After the banishment, the Waystriders became nomads and eventually settled in Woods of Winter within the Lands of Holodrum where they were shunned by the society of Holodrum. The Waystriders kept to themselves and isolated from the society, they lived their lives normally within the Woods of Winter by hunting and foraging thus rarely had contact with outsiders. After a few centuries, the Waystriders were remembered as nothing but myths in the histories of Hyrule but some Hyruleans did not forgotten their heroic deeds. When Holodrum was besieged by an army of goblins, the new generation of Waystrider warriors and rangers came to the kingdom's aid and chased the goblins out from the Lands of Holodrum, the clan were gained the trust of the Holodrum people and royal family. Although they continued their life in seclusion at the Woods of Winter, some of the Waystrider clan members left their village to settle at other places and some pledged their service within the army of Holodrum.

Bastian, the only son of the Chieftain of the Waystriders
Centuries later, a son was born to a Barisan Waystrider, a newly appointed young chieftain of the clan and Mirra, a woman from Horon City. The son was latter named as Bastian by the chieftain and he was raised by his parents in normal life but Mirra passed away due to a serious sickness. At very young age, Bastian was trained in combat by his father. Although he was trained in swordsmanship, Bastian was gifted in the skills of an archer. The paths of the Waystrider warriors were divided into two; the path of the Swordsman and the path of the Ranger, Bastian chosen the path of the Ranger as his choice. In his training as a Ranger, 13 years old Bastian learned foraging, tracking and camouflaging from the veteran rangers. Later then, a lone wanderer approached the secluded village of the Waystriders and she revealed herself as Mara, a Hylian wandering mercenary and an old friend of Barisan. The talents of Bastian immediately drew Mara's attention and she decided to take him under her wing as an apprentice. At first Barisan was against it but after been persuaded by his fellow clansmen and Mara, the chieftain agreed and saw sense that if Bastian was trained by his old friend, Barisan had no doubt that his son will be a better chieftain of the clan in the future. After that, Bastian left his home and began his training under Mara thus he was longed to see the outside world.

Life As A Mercenary
Not just the Hylian archery, Bastian learned the language from his teacher. Mara also named Bastian as Eradan; a hero from the Waystrider clan who led his clansmen to fight alongside with the Hylians during the war against the demons. As he reached to the age of 17, Bastian learned many combat talents from his teacher but he began to talked back against his teacher due to their disagreements with each other. Yearned for more freedom and independence, Bastian left his teacher after their heated arguments and decided to travel on his own path. The youth later joined a band of mercenaries and stayed with them for a few years, he became the most trusted lieutenant to the mercenary captain. At the age of 19, Bastian and his fellow mercenaries were hired by a noble family and fought in a civil war at Holodrum Plains. Bastian became renowned after he defeated a small army of rival noble soldiers in the woods of the Plains with "hit-and-run" tactics. As the civil war reached its end, Bastian realized that his captain and fellow mercenaries already began to plundered the villages which supported the rival noble behind his back. After the civil war was over, Bastian managed to prevent his fellow mercenaries from plundering a village. Even though the village was saved from being plundered, the mercenary captain banished Bastian out from his mercenary band. Before he left, Bastian warned the mercenary captain and his former fellow mercenaries that if any of them decided to oppose him in the future, he will kill them without mercy and hesitation. For few years, Bastian became a lone mercenary and adventurer thus regretted for left his teacher and failed his clan.

The Search For The Hero
At the age of 21, Bastian arrived at Lands of Hyrule and made his haven in Hyrule Castle Town. As he rested in an inn, a hooded figure approached him and told him about the tales of the old Waystrider clan, the bloodied war between the Waystriders and the Vankirks thus the banishment of Waystrider clan by the royalty of Hyrule back in the past. Then, the individual told him that the Lands of Hyrule was in danger even though the inhabitants did not realize about it. The individual also told that it was time for Bastian to reclaim the honor of his clan, and told him to search for the hero who will save Hyrule and assist him in any troubles. Before Bastian could say anything, the hooded figure shined in a bright glow and disappeared right in front of the ranger's eyes. As Bastian opened his eyes, he realized that he was sleeping in his seat but the dream was no mere illusions. Believed that the hooded figure might be Sages or any deities of Hyrule, Bastian decided that the task which was given to him was a sacred task.

RP Sample:
The hooded ranger laid his feet on the table and leaned his back onto his chair, he was on second floor of the inn and he gazed down the ground floor which was filled with people who were busy with their drinks and conversations at their tables. The second floor was quiet and Bastian was alone, he did not complain about it and furthermore he hoped this quietness continued. Because of his hood, it revealed only Bastian's lower face as he adjusted the tip of his hood a little. Then suddenly, someone walked on the wooden stairs behind Bastian's back and he had groaned slightly, so much for enjoying the peace of quietness. The person walked past him and stopped, Bastian looked up a slightly with his lower face visible for the person to see. Much to his surprise, the person was hooded like him but the cloak was more thicker than his, Bastian still maintained his lazed sitting position. "May I sit in front of you, stranger?" the hooded figure asked and Bastian motioned with his head as a sign to take the seat in front of him.

The hooded figure sat down in front of the ranger and Bastian cannot see who was it but he doubt that the figure was anyone who was going to attempt to kill him. "Are you the famous Wayfaring Ranger I've heard about?" the hooded figure told him, Bastian adjusted himself and placed his arms on his table without looking at the hooded figure. "If you're trying to hire me, sadly I'm not available in present. Perhaps some other time or hire someone else if you're in a hurry." Bastian said to the hooded figure as he got up from his seat, he reached his hand to his bow and quiver of arrows underneath his chair. "I'm not looking for mercenaries but instead... I'm looking for a Waystrider." the hooded figure told him, Bastian immediately halt his movement. "I know a Waystrider when I see one... especially the silvered eyes." the hooded figure said as if it was amused or relieved. Bastian turned his head slowly and faced the hooded figure, the candlelight nearby finally revealed his face and thus, his silvered eyes which was distinguished features of a Waystrider clan member.

"I thought my clan was remembered as nothing but myths and legends around Hyrule, who are you and what do you want?" Bastian reached his hand to his sword which was sheathed beside his waist. The sword was so old that it did not sure how many lives it had taken back in the past. "Stay your blade, Bastian... son of  Barisan, the tenth chieftain of the Waystriders. I am not your enemy." the hooded figure said to the young Waystrider. Strangely, the voice of the hooded figure relaxed Bastian and he slowly moved his hand away from his sword. "Who am I is not important but I have a task for you, a task which determines the future of all lands around here... as well as your clan." the hooded figure said and Bastian sat down. Who was this individual and how did it knew his name and his father's name? Bastian did not introduce himself and no one knew his real name around here. Thus, the way that the individual spoke about the task as if it was sincere about it and Bastian pulled down his hood, revealed his full face and long black hair. "... I'm listening,"

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Face claim: Bastian Waystrider or Bas/Young Loghain Mac Tir from unknown artist/Bastian Waystrider.

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