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Name: Impa
Alias: N/A
Age: 500 years old.
Class: Caster.
Sexuality: Straight, but about as sexual as a sponge (Not a lot.)
Race: Sheikah
Special features: Aside from the red eyes and pointed ears common among her race, Impa has several markings on her body, most notably an orange, claw-shaped one that stretches from the left side of her forehead, down her eye and to the bottom of her left cheek.

Personality: Years of having to look after a trouble-making child, combined with an overall duty to protect said child, have morphed Impa in to a stern, no-nonsense woman who is rarely seen laughing or smiling, at least not in public. Her mission-being to ensure Princess Zelda's safety-comes before any personal enjoyment, especially such trivial things as games or "adventure", and Impa often finds herself drilling this thought into the heads of more...impulsive soldiers. She also holds the firm belief that knowledge is power, and thus is always urging The Princess to study and learn what she can, lest she wish to be outsmarted by the forces of evil. Impa herself is incredibly studious, and more curious than she cares to admit, though she is cautious to let her curiosity dictate her actions.

When it comes to her relationship with the Royal Family, especially Zelda, Impa has certainly changed over the years. At first she would grudgingly protect them, like a child forced to do homework, lest he be punished. However, her spiteful demeanour has softened as she has come to enjoy the company of the family, and has also learned the importance of her duty. She now acts more like an over-protective  mother, worried by the most minute inaccuracies, yet rarely forcing Zelda to do anything against her will. Despite often being worried, Impa is one to conduct herself with the utmost efficiency and etiquette, raising her voice rarely and insulting people even more so. Her finesse is reflected in her combat where she prefers form and technique over power, while also preferring the use of more distinct arts, such as magic,

One of her biggest weaknesses as a person is her devotion to The Princess. Though this serves as an advantage to the young lady herself, Impa spends most of her time within the confines of a large castle, essentially making her a zombie, at least when it comes to social status. She has little friends aside from Zelda, and very few people who know her personally. But Impa accepts this as a burden she must carry, in order to protect that which with she has been entrusted.


+Books- As a woman who values knowledge above all else, Impa holds a firm belief that reading books is the best pass-time for someone, especially if they are young, to partake in.

+Magic- Impa has practised the arts of magic since she was a child, and it is something that never ceases to amaze her, despite her age.

+Open Spaces- Impa has been in the confines of the castle for longer than she can remember, only rarely getting a glimpse of the outside world. However, those glimpses are more than enough to make her appreciate nature, especially places which are wide and open.


-Swordsmanship-Though acknowledging that it is the most popular form of combat, the Sheikah sees it as an inferior way to defend oneself, not to mention a barbaric way to display ones physical strength.

-Insects- Impa lives in a castle, in which these creepy crawlies are rarely seen. Viewing them as dirty and vile, the Sheikah will not hesitate to crush one under her foot.

-Assassins- Impa disapproves of the dirty work assassins often have to partake in, and disapproves even more so of their willingness to do so.


Duty- Impa has been entrusted by her parents to protect the royal family, which currently leaves her protecting Princess Zelda. She does this with every fibre of her being, willing to throw her life away in order to ensure the safety of Zelda.

Purpose- The duty which Impa has been entrusted with also gives her life a purpose, something which she did not originally have before. It gives her a reason for existing, and the Sheikah intends to cling on to that reason for the rest of her days.


Zelda's Harm- As it is her duty to protect the princess, Impa fears that damage may be done to Zelda.

Ganondorf- As soon as Zelda told Impa about her dream, the Sheikah immediately believed that a dark force, whatever it may be, was growing, and fears that it may be too powerful for their warriors to overcome.

Height: 6 feet
Weight: 157lbs.
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Silver, with red shadings.


History: Impa never had a choice in the matter. From the moment of her birth, 500 years ago, the Goddess's had decided that her race would be the one destined to protect The Royal Family. And for the most part, her parents did not seem troubled by the fact that they had had their lives written out for them. Impa could never understand them, did they not want freedom? Did they enjoy the confines of the castle? Whatever the case, Impa did not want it, and the young Sheikah would make it as un-enjoyable for her family as she could. Maybe then they would think clearly.

But no matter how much she complained, how venomous she acted, her family would always remain loyal to the Royals. Eventually, they day came when it was Impa's turn to guard the Royal Family, the day she had been dreading for most of her life. At the age of 200, she was finally placed within the Castle of The Royal Family. She would spend her early days grudgingly serving the Royal Family, obeying their every order, but always with a bit of anger and spite in her eyes. She didn't want to do this! It wasn't fair! Why did she have to do this, just because she was a Sheikah?

However, the young woman understood that she had to do this, whether she wanted to or not, and so she surely but shortly began getting more accustomed to the role. She found that channelling her anger and annoyance led to her completing her tasks with efficiency and ease, whilst also relieving her of the many mental strains encountered each day. She eventually got used to the enclosed castle which she spent most of her days in, and began shaping herself into the serious, strict, teacher she is today.

19 years ago, after serving the Royal Family for centuries, Impa would have to care for the re-incarnated Princess, Zelda. At first, she believed this girl's trouble-making, adventurous demeanour was a curse, but it turned out to be a blessing. It breathed life into Impa's otherwise lifeless body, whilst also helping her understand the importance of her job. The Sheikah would often give her words of advice, and assist her in her tasks, whilst also encouraging independence.  She was a lot like a mother to Zelda.

One day, Zelda had a dream of a dark figure, and informed Impa of it. Believing her immediately, Impa began to fear that a dark force may arrive before a Hero could be found. Because of this, she began giving the soldiers a much stricter training, ensuring that whatever evil would be smitten once it entered Hyrule.

RP Sample: It was a rather quiet day. Most of the noise emanating from outside the castle was blocked out by the sturdy walls, causing Impa to feel a sense of peace an serenity. Though the Sheikah often warned the Princess about the dangers of leaving the castle unguarded, Impa always enjoyed being left alone in the beautiful castle which she now called "home". Slowly turning her head, her red eyes examined her surroundings. The Sheikah stood in the centre of a wide hall, stretching towards a small, yellow door. The hall was preserved like an ancient artefact, glimmering with cleanliness, reflecting everything in it's marble floors and large windows.

Impa swiftly began pacing towards the door, it's perfectly square frame growing larger and larger as Impa strode through the endless hall. As if by magic, the small door was now a large gate, sealed shut and immovable. The Sheikah stretched her palm out, placing it on the left door, and pushed it with force that one would not expect from her. The door slowly creaked open, revealing a beautiful room, full of color and innocence, yet also with wisdom and intelligence. This was obviously The Princess's room, Impa had seen it many times before. Before her lay an immense bed, it's frame a glistening gold. To her left, she spotted a tall mirror, reflecting her dark and slender figure.

Her eyes narrowed, piercing the bed. Sighing, she walked up to it like a soldier, standing on the left side, and grabbed something. A pillow, thrown mercilessly out of it's case. Impa had grown so use to this, she didn't even laugh. Some people just did not have the time to keep everything orderly. That was why she was here. In a few seconds, Impa had fixed the bed perfectly, fit for the Princess to whom it belonged. Next, she walked up to the mirror, took out a piece of cloth, and wiped off the tiniest speck of dust she could see. Nothing could be wrong. She had made it all perfect.

Her job now done, Impa turned to leave, but found herself stopping, staring out the window. She took note of how beautiful the sky looked, how peaceful everything was today. It had been quite calm for the past few weeks. In fact, nothing had happened since Zelda had told Impa of her dream. Some of the townsfolk began spreading rumours the princess' dream was just that. A silly dream. Perhaps they were right? Perhaps Hyrule was safe?


Impa understood what this meant. Even if they remained in a time of peace for centuries to come, Impa understood that evil would arrive soon enough. It was simply making preparations.

Reference: Advertisement.
Face claim: Impa, as portrayed in Hyrule Warriors.

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This is a beautifully written app. Smile Accepted!

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