The Iron Knuckle contract

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The Iron Knuckle contract

Post by Aberham on Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:48 pm

Aberham wrote:Mission Name: The Iron Knuckle contract
Mission Rank: Experienced.
Location: The lost woods.
Description: Gather armored units for your king! Nothing will do better than the Iron Knuckles. They are a tribe of Gerudo that split apart from the rest of them generations ago. Find them, and bring back at least six for Ganondorfs army! They are a warlike foke, you may need to beat it out of them....
Requirements: Bring six Iron knuckles back for the army.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 300k rupees and 500 xp
Word Count: 3500
Mission Boss: N/A

Aberham thought that monsters were a thorn in his side.

When he had given himself the task of gaining more powerful troops for Ganons army, he immediately knew that recruiting a tribe of Moglins would not be sufficient to the task. So he looked high and low on croissant Island for anything he could recruit to the kind of evils side.

He found tiny monster infestations absolutely everywhere, it made his travels much harder to have to beat them back every few minutes and burning down their tiny nests lost its appeal after he had done it seven times!

He killed enemy's of Ganon as he went. Mostly cutting down people who were fleeing the advance through the island. While he did not tackle large groups because that was not his mission he did cut down a few people who made it out alone.

Already news was spreading on his kings revival. His return to power would be magnificent! He would burn, rape, and pillage his way through any kingdom foolish enough to get in his way, and at the front of this assault would be no other than Aberham, leading his king and rapidly expanding country to greatness.

Once he got bitten by a garden snake for the dozenth time however he wished the kind of all evil could have lent him a scouting party. Just a couple flying monsters to go and check ahead to see if there were hunting traps, or giant plants that wanted to eat you, or any other things that made slogging through this dense jungle any more terrible!

After three days of slogging through a jungle he woke up  one cold wet morning to find cougar sized giant spiders all had eaten all the food in his meager camp of a small fire and a bedroll and he had to fight all of them off painstakingly in his underwear. (No, the bards would not be singing songs about that thank you very much) He decided that he had been going about this totally the wrong way.

He made his way back, which was not nearly as hard as making his way forward. To friendly territory, or at least a town with people stupid enough to not have run yet or realist that this fully armored warrior in black with a filthy cape might be a deserter from Ganons army. He borrowed a few books in town about the legends of the hero, which were now commonly believed to be myth and started reading.

Tales of the hero used to be popular until a while back, he had no problem finding a bunch of books on his presumed exploits hundreds or in many cases thousands of years ago. He got really annoyed reading them really fast. Just who was this kid with a green cap and a blue shield? Just who was this man who pulled the master sword the "Bane of all evil." From  a crappy stone!?

Or was it in a forest? Or in a temple? Gods be damned either he had been written by fifteen different men or he was some immortal prick with a terrible taste in women! Just who did the people think he was? Was he even real? Was Ganon foiled by this hero of Hyrule during his last great rise to power or had something with Zelda simply not gone as planned?

At any rate he deduced that this hero was simply something for little kids to look up too whenever they think their world view might be wrong. "Hey they really overtax me in Hyrule, but at least good old puppy kicking Ganon is out there!" "Hey a guard just punched me in the face because I was walking funny. But I'll grin and bear it because I don't want the hero of Hyrule to turn up and stab me in the face."

He was a work of fiction, from his green cap to his peasants boots and he loathed how the people looked up to this image. It tainted the good name of the "Lord of darkness" without good reason and without good right! He had to turn to alcohol when reading half of the story's because they were so full of garbage! He was glad he was not reading them in the presence of his master or else he would get branded as a traitor.

Eventually however, he did find what he was looking for. After three more days of reading through all the books from Hyrule in the topic he could find he mapped out detailed descriptions of foes that the hero had faced.

There were stalfos, demons, Moblins and the like. There were possessed Ravens and birds and bosses oh my! But eventually he found which of the heros enemy's, and thus his own ally's would be suitable tribute for him to justify spending a while away from his king.

The iron knuckles were some of Ganons most devout followers over the years. They came from war like tribes many had thought to be extinct. Especially around the time when some of the story's were set. He bought some books on the decline of several tribes in Hyrule as the monarchy was established.

A Tribe that persevered through the years was the tribe of the iron fist. They were heavily oppressed by the kingdom until eventually they were forced out altogether. Not a surprise, they shunned science and burned down patches of forest to feed the land for their own crops. Something about slash and burn farming?

Well anyways using the more recent stories of the hero he was able to identify where a potential tribe might be in the lost woods! He gathered his belongings, mounted his noble steed, and set off to find it! He presumed they might be located on a less iconic river then a few of the ones that he saw. It would be more out of the way, far from where normal society could see.

His horse could only take him so far with such dense forest in his path, he checked Joey into the sables, bought a long knife to cut through the forestation, and hoped his assumptions and calculations were correct.

It was the next day when he began to loose hope. All this jungle looked like the rest! He could cut through vines and bushes until his blade grew dull and if it wasn't for him constantly carving a path he feared he would go in circles! Even still he encountered his own trail time and time again...

But wait, something much heavier and sharper than his knife had cut through this vegetation... And footprints! Much heavier than his could possibly be! He followed them and for the first time in what felt like forever his heart was beating fast. Eventually he found a large pool of blood where is looked like a deer had been slain. Either this island was populated by tigers that ate whatever was killed down to the bone then ate some more, or a hunter had killed a deer with a Melee weapon of all things. It looked like he had been chasing it for a long time, what endurance it must have possessed. He was much heavier and due to the foot size likly taller than any of the other inhabitants to the island.

So the deer had been hoisted up onto the Giants back and taken in a straight line judging by the bloody foot prints! If he followed the direction he would be taken directly to the settlement where the hunger had taken his prey!

After almost twenty minutes of slogging through more cursed jungle he cut through one final bushy and his cheap machete broke.... But he saw wooden huts! He had found the long lost tribe of the Iron fist!

He walked inside from the strange direction merrily, he saw two blacksmiths, a bakery, and the house a fisherman. While his own armor clanked noisily he looked at what the others would wear. They were clad in the heaviest steel armor, when they took a step, the very ground shook. Disputes being a six foot six gaint himself he felt terribly short compared to them all.

As he got deeper he saw older men with lighter armor on, showing that the tribe had no lack of hair around their heads. It was braided heavily for both men and women alike and fell down to their elbows. He got many strange looks in his dark armor and with his substantial but competitively meager build.

No one had seen him before, and in a tight nit community as hidden as this one being a tall man in full armor only saved him for about three minutes. He had just arrived in the center of the village when he was stopped by two guards in full iron armor. They spoke to him in some gibberish in a language he did not know. Once he said "Oh hey wait! I bring a message from the great king Ganondorf!"

Though they had a language barrier, the name Ganondorf had been such a great part of their history, their ancestors had fought in his wars. He was seized by the arms and taken to a big building in the center of town. In looked to be like town hall, his sword was seized from him and he was thrown in a prison cell with the thickest bars you had ever seen. He did not put up a fight during this time. He was looking to make ally's with these people, not strike them down in the streets!

Not less than twenty minutes of sitting in a smelly, if spacious jail cell. Someone came for him, they threw him his sword still safe in its scabbard. Then they said "Come on stranger, you will be brought before the elder."  While Aberham could not see their identity as they were covered in armor, by the voice he could make out she was a woman. He was not carried to this location, rather he was lead there by the warrior. They were a very honorable kind, letting a stranger keep his weapon. Not that he could get much time to use it before he got would be beaten over the head or crushed by an axe.

He walked up a hill in the longest, thickest path in the bridge. When he reached the top he was pushed slightly forward and fell twenty feet down into a bit of soft dirt. When he stood up he realised he was in a bloodied arena of sorts. There were chunks of weapons and armor laying all around from where they had been severed from their users, and a bit more red stains then he felt safe to be around. There was no way he could climb out, he suspected that if he even tried to do so with this nearly vertical shaft he would receive a giant armored boot to the face. He did not want to fall back down again.

A seven foot tall old man with the longest hair of anyone he had seen stood to face him from the top of the pit. He spoke something in giberish, but a translator told him in plain language that he could understand what he was saying. “You, knight in light armor.” Aberham he supposed that his full suit of black plate armor was lite when compared to theirs. “Why do you come, why do you speak of the evil one. Ganondorf?”

Aberham looked the old man in the eyes even if his words were for the translator. “I am a knight of Ganondorf. He had been revived.” He waited a moment for the translator to tell everyone what he just said, he heard a gasp from all around him and people started talking. He could not understand a lick of what they were saying. Though it sounded like they were very serious. The eldest of them all raised his hand and silence returned to the arena. He spoke slowly and wisely, once he was done the woman said. “It has been too long since our people were loyal to him. When we sent him fighters, they never returned. Neither did their pay, many of us were relying on that pay so we could leave our homes in safe hands all those years ago without worry. But after the war was lost we received not a single rupee. Our workforce was all but entirely depleted. This caused our once great tribe to go into an economic recession. It was worse for our morale than it would have been to loose everything to brigands. Our people split apart to look for any opportunity hundreds of years ago that was better than death by poverty. We are but a fraction of our former glory, you will not leave here with any warriors.”

There was silence. Aberham looked back up and spoke. “I am not leaving here empty handed.” For one reason he had traveled to far to stop now, the other reason was that Ganon would break his legs if his best fighter left for a few days and came back with only excuses. Or worse. The elder heard his translator, then whispered something in her ear and stood up. Drawing a massive curved blade. “If you wish to make a warriors veto on our elders decision. Then you must do it the way the Iron fist tribe has for genorations. You must fight the elder to the death.” No problem Aberham thought, he was too decrepit to wear armor any more, though he had many battle scars he knew he could take him. “ And two of his most trusted champions until they are no longer able to battle.” The elder called out the names of two men, or well they could have been chicks, they were both heavily armed and armored so they could have been transvestites  for all he knew. They would be a much tougher challenge.

The many men, women, and children started yelling what he presumed to be encouragement from the outside of the pit as the two heavily armored gaints leapt off of their perch and landed at once, each contributing to a ground slam which made Aberham lose his balance for a step before he drew his sword and rebalanced.

The two bent down onto their knees and he watched as the elderly man leapt down onto the the two of them but first. With another slam the seven foot tall man landed on the much younger two’s backs. It did not seem to faze them in the slightest as he got back up and readied his blade for attack.

The woman looked down at him, “You will get some of our fighters loyalty by doing this. But be warned. Alura has never lost a warriors veto before. It is how he became the leader of our village. If you lose you recognise you will die?” Aberham turned to her and nodded. “Yes, as a knight of Ganondorf I accept this challenge.” The woman turned around. “So be it then human.”

Someone hit a bell with an armored fist, causing it’s ring to echo all through the town, Aberham could feel his plate mail shaking with the vibrations and could hear as everyone else with armor around him (basically 70% of them all) also felt it.

The woman cupped her hands together and yelled. “Let this battle begin!” The old man charged ahead first, his blade was as quick as any man half his age. Aberham parried the mighty blow and kicked him back, only to see both of his champions come up right behind his true opponent!

He pushed his entire body up against his shield and cast a basic shield spell against it to bolster its strength. Even still both of their ax's hitting him in tandem was more than enough to send him off of his feet into the dirt walls. Everyone cheered for the champions, as Aberham pulled himself back off the ground he knew they would not be easy to beat.

But as he did so his body rushed with adrenalin, this was what he lived for! Fighting worthy opponents at high stakes for his king. He let out a madman's laugh as he got back up on his feet and returned their attacks, he slashed with such speed and strength so many times the two Iron knuckles couldn't keep up.

Eventually he fended one off with a magical ax that bounced off his helmet he really went to town on the other one. He pushed him into a corner, ran up a wall right next to him to beat his height advantage. He jumped high into the air, twirled his blade and just before he landed slashed at the back of his leg with his sword of the night. Then once he did land he could feel the ground shake as his opponent fell on one knee, he flipped the sword in his hand to face the other way and stabbed him in the side.

But even though he could feel his blade make contact with flesh he had a sinking feeling in the bottom of his stomach that it would not be the end. These warriors were clad in so much armor that he fevered even his greatly improved sword would not be able to deliver a single decisive strike. Sure enough, he heard the man cry out in pain but when he removed his blade there was only very little blood on it. Crap.

It was the old man who came to his champions rescue this time. He rushed Aberham and swung his sword overhead. By reinforcing his blade with an armored hand he managed to block it, he swung around and tried to stick the point into his thick gerudo skin. Only to have him nimbly dodge back as the pummel of his other champion's axe got brought down onto Aberhams helm.

This made the black knights entire world shake at the foundations, he fell back and could see stars. For a moment he thought to himself that he must be concussed. He saw the village elder raise his sword once more. This strike would finish him he thought. He closed his eyes and waited for a single moment for a warriors death. Then he heard the sound of steel hitting... One of his runes?

What was happening, it was like he did it without even thinking about it. He pushed himself off the ground and saw his own body go into auto pilot. It was like having an out of body experience. Oh deer, he thought to himself. His mind had given up but not the rest of him. He figured he would probably need to fight again soon he decided. That when his awareness fell back onto him like a sack of potatoes. It wasn't over, and he still had a battle to win.

The uninjured Iron knuckle champion came at him, ax raised to finish the knight off. Aberham summoned a magical axe which placed itself right in between the plates of it's armor. It threw him off balance enough for Aberham to grab him and using great strength spin him around and throw him into the other wounded champion, who had just shakily stood on his feet. It sounded like two trucks colliding and they both fell over.

The tiniest expression of horror showed in the elders eyes before he quelled it back down. If he lost who knew what would happen to the rest of the people in the village? They would be forced off into another war which they had no place in.

He ran at Aberham with his blade poised to attack like a samurai. Aberham was very susceptible to outside information right now. He thought very quickly and blocked hard enough for sparks to fly across the battlefield. No one was cheering now, many of the children looked terrified as Aberhams superior swordplay was used to beat him back despite many more swings of the massive curved blade.

Eventually he parried perfectly and a look of true fear went over the man's face before Aberham swiftly cut his entire head off of his shoulders. It flew up several feet into the air while spinning and getting blood on the spectators.

The children cried out and everyone else stood stock still. They knew exactly what this meant. The head kept spinning until it'll lost momentum and fell back down in the pit. Aberham caught it on the side of his blade and stared into his still terrified dead eyes. Then he flipped it into the air once more and cut it in half.

There was so much stunned silence that even after the two champions recovered, and Aberham shook the blood off of his blade and climbed up the almost vertical wall hand over hand. The people cleared a way for him and stood far out of his way. He was covered in blood, grime, and other filth. Parents told their daughters and sons to go inside, which they promptly did without hesitation.

Aberham raised his arms. "I have done things your way. The mighty king Ganodorf is who you are loyal to now." He looked down into the pit with contempt hidden behind his helm. "Not him."

While only half of them could understand what he was saying the rest knew it already. The woman who was the translator and presumably second in command took a knee infront of him. "What... Are your orders."

Aberham looked over the peaple of the village. They were all here, since just moments ago they had been fighting to get a good look. He could see that they could probably spare a couple dozen men in all. But he did not want insubordination or mutiny. So instead of repeating history he announced. "Six of your best warriors. Someone will return in three months for another draft, if you try another veto on him we will punish you all. Tell them to get ready. " he looked at the setting sun. "They have until tomorrow morning to make themselves known. We will depart shortly after.

Aberham dared not to stay in that village that night, for as honorable as they were he knew that there were those among them who would cut his throat in the night if given a chance. As per usual he felt nothing that night after his actions and slept like a babe. The only thing he did feel was pride the next morning when he had six men who were taller and stronger physically than even him who pledged their allegiance to him.

Not Ganondorf.

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Re: The Iron Knuckle contract

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:49 pm

APPROVED! Your rewards will be given shortly!


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