Torture, Baby! [Mission]

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Torture, Baby! [Mission]

Post by Judge Cassidy on Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:26 pm

Mission Name: Torture
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: A friend of yours has captured a bandit that tried to steal something personal from you. Now you need to find out the answers you want, even if it means flaying all his skin off..
Requirements: Make sure he doesn't die before you get your answers.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 75 exp 50k rupees
Word Count: 150 words for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

Did everyone love to steal from his home? It was ridiculous! It wasn't like he flaunted his wealth! He only had a few garden gnomes ot jesters in a costume..and his house was pretty average. Sure, he had the best house on the block, but better houses were located around the village. It seemed as if the gods hated him. Oh well, he did kill many people and vowed to destroyed the gods themselves. He kind of deserved his luck, now that Cassidy thought of it.

What was he doing away from his house? Well, he was practicing his horse riding skills on his brown mare, bestowing the name Lucky upon her. She was recently purchased about a week ago, and of course, needed a bit of training. But that was fine, Cassidy needed it too. The clown felt like if he wanted to be truly efficient in battle, then he would need to practice his close combat skills. After all, the chance to assassinate someone didn't always work.

He was notified the same way as last time; a pidgeon dropped a letter, wrapped up in a black and blue ribbon. As the clown began reading the contents of the letter, his bony, white hands quivering in an attempt to hold his rage in, he couldn't help but give a laugh, a laugh that startled his horse a little. It echoed throughout the forest, melody of chaos and madness.

He was a bit glad, now that he had the time to think about it, that this came up when it did. Geno would finally get the torture experience that he needed to become a full fledged member of the clown family, and of course, the very thought of torture aroused Cassidy.

After thinking about this, he dropped the letter and hopped on his horse, charging out of the forest at full speed. What torture methods would Geno try to use? It would be interesting to see the newbie try and extract information.

In about a hour, he arrived back in the town. It was the middle of the afternoon, and the grey, stone streets were rather busy as people worked or were trying to get to work. When he arrived at the front of his house, he frowned. It had obvious signs of breaking and entering. How dare this trash desecrate his house with his filthy paws? If he wasn't tutoring Geno, some horrible, horrible things would be happening to this man. But since it was the clown child's first time, Cassidy decided to take it slow.

Cassidy kicked open the door, seeing the bandit gagged and tied up with rope. Fetcher stood over him, and behind him was Geno. He seemed a little annoyed, and look like he just woke up. But, who needed sleep? Training over sleep any day!

Fetcher gave Cassidy a little nod and began speaking.

"I left him unharmed, just for your little teaching session. The tools are in the usual place."

The bandit, dressed in simple brown cloth garments began screaming in terror, but, it was muffled by the gag so no one but the men in the house could kill him. As the bandit struggled, helplessly, Cassidy began to guide Geno on how to extract the information needed out of this poor soul, showing the tools needed to take it out of him. Cassidy even encouraged Geno to use his magic.

The arrow formed from Geno's magic pierced both of the bandit's shoulder rather slowly. The Kokiri took Cassidy's advice about making it as slow as possible. The gag was slowly removed from his mouth , as if the bandit was being teased. Annoyed, he shouted out obscenities, but was quickly shut down by a smack to the face by Geno. Meanwhile, Fetcher sat down on the couch reading a book.

For each minute he refused to speak, a piece of his skin cut off. It was beautiful! His student even liked his preferred method of torture!

As the screams and torture continued on, Cassidy looked at the clock. Already, a hour and thirty minutes passed and this guy looked like he was about to break. The bandit was definitely sturdier then your average person..but, eventually, everyone broke.

With most of his skin gone, blood dripping from his nose, he began tospeak.

"You wanna know why I came in here? I have a family to feed. Daughter. Wife. Guess I just picked the wrong house...heheh.."

Yawning at the rather boring story, Cassidy ordered Geno to finish him off. They had the information they needed, after all.

His head fell om the floor, rolling.

"Clean up on Aisle Dead! Haha!"

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Re: Torture, Baby! [Mission]

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:32 pm

APPROVED! Your rewards will be given to you shortly!


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