Training his Mindset[Mission]

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Training his Mindset[Mission]

Post by Judge Cassidy on Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:06 pm

Mission Name: Contract
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: Somehow, you have to make a living for yourself and that's why you've became a mercenary. Plus you have to erase scum! You were assigned to kill a small group of bandits(5). Do it.
Requirements: Kill the Bandits
Player Count: 1
Reward: 50k rupees, 75 EXP
Word Count: 150 for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

Cassidy, now finished training his student to a respectable level planned to take him out on a bandit contract so he could hone his battle intuition, something that could only be gained from the thrill of a real fight. Geno was rather annoyed at being awoken so early, but still couldn't say anything about it other then grunts. Teaching him how to speak again, although useful, was not the first priority. Fetcher, although not very happy by this decision, allowed it to continue, and thus, the duo was heading out in the dead of night, where barely a soul roamed the streets.

Horses readily awaited the riders, Cassidy sending them near the village gates about five minutes ago. The duo were dressed for the occasion, wearing the suits they usually wore when they were on crucial business.

As they rode out of the village, Cassidy decided to make a little conversation with his apprentice.

"I know you think of us as the bad guys, and you're wondering why are we helping these people. It's all very simple, really. I'm still killing, plus getting the funds necessary for my doomsday device! It doesn't matter if the lives of a few people are spared when it pushes me closer to my goal...soon, everything will burn in a massive wave of lava, and hurricanes will brew throughout the country! It'll be spectacular!"

Of course, Geno could do nothing but grunt and nod while Cassidy rambled on about how he would torture people, and kill the Kokiri. Cassidy felt that this wasn't as fun as messing with Fetcher. At least he had the witty counter response when Cassidy became too much. This guy..all he could do was grunt! He didn't even give a glare! Cassidy grumbled about how Fetcher always seemed to be right about things like this. It was annoying! Perhaps he could predict the future? No.....but, the clown could never be too sure.

He could see the target coming up in the distance, now thinking about who this bandit clan was. They weren't anything special, to be honest. It was a standard procedure. The village was finally fed up from the bullying and hired Cassidy to exterminate them.

The Blue Lunar Bandits? They don't even sound tough! Hah! Maybe I'll feed a bandit to another...cannibalism makes me horny, after all! Heheh....

With a solid torture plan in mind, Geno and Cassidy stopped in front of the small house that contained these bandits. One was outside, standing guard. He looked a bit muscular and well built, but with Geno in the ranks, Cassidy felt like he didn't need any of these people here. Having to bother training them all was annoying, and he would feel like an asshole giving it to Fetcher. Well, not really, but...yeah.

The bandit, curious as to why children were here, began approaching the kids. He must have been one of the more compassionate ones, as he exuded a rather calm aura from him. Too bad that Cassidy was a serial killer, and would catch this man off guard with an aura to the head, killing him instantly. The rest of the bandits in the house remained completely oblivious.

Geno probably wanted to kill other people too. A few matches were out on a log. It was rather convenient too, because Geno found a can of gasoline. Cassidy approved of this! He'd get the bandits to eat each other for another time. For now, they would burn down the house! Burn it to smithereens! Just thinking about the pain that was about to be inflicted on these humans made him aroused, which was certainly unusual, but Cassidy wasn't usual in the slightest.

The gasoline was poured around the house and on it by Geno, while Cassidy lit the matches and threw it in the trail, causing a blazing that threatened to easily destroy the wooden house. The fire, growing in size, easily consumed the house and turned it into ashes, although Cassidy and Geno spotted two that were able to get out in time. Of course, the duo could have killed them while they looked bewildered and confused, but that would have been too easy. Then, one of the bandits spotted Geno carrying the gasoline, immediately brandishing his sword and charging towards him, giving out a rather strange battle cry that sounded like a cross of a wailing cat and a dying fly. Geno retained his lessons rather well, conjuring a water arrow that pierced the blade and struck his heart, ending the bandit's life. Cassidy got on his horse. Geno knew that it would be his job to finish off the remaining one, who was cowering on the floor, begging to be spared. But, those words were useless to Cassidy's little killing machine. He picked up a blade he had no skill with, and chopped his head off..

Cassidy frowned. These bandits hadn't put much of a fight. He wondered how much Geno had improved from this mission, but he would figure it out later when they got home..

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Re: Training his Mindset[Mission]

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:35 pm

APPROVED! Your rewards will be given shortly!


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