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"Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, and neither do I."

N A M E | Konungr
E P I T H E T | The Chieftain
A G E | Twenty-Two
C L A S S | Fighter
S E X U A L I T Y | Heterosexual
R A C E | Goron
K I N G D O M | Hyrule
S P E C I A L - F E A T U R E S | Being Norse Goron—a foreign subspecies of Goron from lands far far away. Konungr has been gifted with the natural ability to switch his appearance into something more "humanly" at a whim. He can hide his stony skin behind soft tissue and vice-versa whenever he sees it. The "transformation" looks exactly how he would look as a human—a person without the stone skin. He cant choose the way he looks or alter it in any way, shape, or from.

▶ P E R S O N A L I T Y ,

{Neutral-Good} A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them.

At first glance, he comes off as distance, standoffish, and cold due to the mannerisms he displays to those around him. He is a man of very few words and rather watch events unfold opposed to adding his own commentary on the matter at hand. He has witnessed massacres without batting a single eyelash. He has killed countless without it weighing on his psyche. And has delivered life crippling news without pulling any punches to both spouses and children alike. Those around him and have a solid understanding link the inhumane traits to his Goron heritage and upbringing under the Norse name. The amount of fact the claim holds means very little due to the fact he has a title in which weakness cannot be shown. If having an heartless aura about himself is the drawback, so be it.

However, despite the icy exterior he shows, the interior of The Chieftain is warm, caring, loving, and nurturing. He has a very soft side that is difficult to explain in words, yet very easy to understand action wise. He is extremely protective of those that require his aid to the point where such a protective trait rivals that of a mother bear protecting her young. All while being fatherly like male penguins perched on top the unhatched egg of their seed. This side of him is commonly seen but goes unnoticed due to the overbearing icy front. Children tend to take notice more often than not; dubbing him "Big Brother" while mothers see the stoic beast as the ultimate caretaker and have the feeling they should be learning a thing or two from him. These traits are common within Norse Goron men; his father and forefathers were the exact same way. His kindness was obtained from his mother (he is a momma's boy and proud of it). From a very young age he dubbed her the embodiment of kindness, joy, and beauty. He has always wanted to do right in her eyes, so, in order to do just that. He took a piece of what he cherished most about her and made it apart of himself.

Being the final of voice of the city in which he rules, he tends to have monk like virtue when dealing with his people or citizens. When dealing with the citizens that distribute to keeping the village wealthier than most. He listens to their concerns with keen amber eyes and typically face to face when possible. Being The Chieftain makes such meetings rather impossible at times, but he manages if the situation calls for something of that caliber. He offers very few words due to his observant nature, but his words are always reassuring and will put to rest any and every issue almost instantly. His warriors see a more "casual" side of him, however. These loyal men and women shed blood, sweat, and tears to make sure their home stays safe and a place worth living. He thanks them by showing human emotion; showing he himself isn't just another machine bred for war and neither are they. He spouts subtle jokes, shares his taste in women, discusses personal matters between the high ranking warriors or elders, and so on.  He isn't much of a prankster, but he enjoys a good prank at the expense of himself or others that can take such whimsy with stride.

Though he is still young and relatively new to the title bestowed upon him through the passing of the previous Chief; and his father. Like all persons, he has those "moments" where his actions or subtle words may not be ideal for the given situation. Norse Goron are warriors; born to hunt, born to thrive, and born to expand and adapt. Being taught that from a very young age, he has adopted a very arrogant and egotistical mindset about himself and his "branch". He holds himself to expectations so high; so unreachable, he makes it almost possible through sheer willpower alone. That being said, when he fails, he gets angry; belligerent, vulgar, and barbaric. He is known to "bicker" in his own little way; engaging in subtle back and fourth banter between himself and another. He is fully aware of such distasteful behavior, but completely erasing a side of yourself is no easy feat when it's the primary side one embraces for so long prior to sudden change. But being the village loving and self respecting man that he is. He will own up to his toxic behavior and make amends... Eventually. Enemies of the Goron are faced with this tsunami tall side of the current Chieftain and then some, without the chance of amendment afterwards.

L I K E S ,
▶ conditioning .
▶ mediation .
▶ jasmine tea .
▶ hunting .
▶ lap dances .
D I S L I K E S ,
▶ politics .
▶ disrespect .
▶ self loathing .
▶ corruption .
▶ discrimination .
M O T I V A T I O N S ,
Find a cure for The Calamity; an unknown sickness contracted by the Goron every four-hundred years for thirty days and thirty nights .
Locate his exiled blood brother and bring him home .
F E A R S ,
Death of his people, destruction of his village .
Allowing The Calamity to claim more Goron lives .

H E I G H T | 7 ft 1 in
W E I G H T | 301 lbs.
E Y E - C O L O R | Amber (human form), solid gold, white glow (Goron form)
H A I R - C O L O R | Ivory
A P P E A R A N C E |

Konungr is characterized having a hulking physique, white colored hair, and bright amber eyes. He fits these characterizations perfectly while leaving zero room for the imagination. He is the ideal image of 'formidable'. His ebony colored skin houses countless scars from past trials and tribulations. The neatly trimmed nest of white hair passes the earlobe while being naturally spiked after very minimal maintenance on Konungr's part. Visible washboard abs only add to the 'formidable' image of the current Chieftain while toned arms only further complement the defined chest area. The visage of the Goron is very similar to the rest of him, powerful and 'formidable'. Strong chin, big nose, full lips, the works. Being only Twenty-Two, he certainly looks the age, despite his elderly demeanor and mannerisms.

As mentioned above, Konungr is the very definition of 'formidable'. But such threatening characteristics are amplified ten times over in his natural state; his Goron state. Konungr maintains his humanoid appearance but the biggest difference between his two forms would undoubtedly be the texture in skin. When embracing everything that is Goron, Konungr's skin is stony, jagged, and harder than steel—maybe even harder than crystal. His eyes, once amber are now a pure gold. However, get him angry and they glow a searing hot white. Those that witness the titan in motion while in this state dub him "The Moving Statue" due to his stony appearance and perfectly sculptured physique.

H I S T O R Y ,
Raised to hunt, trained to fight, and taught to lead, Konungr became a valuable figurehead for the Goron at the tender age of fourteen. Konungr obtained knowledge about the land, the different kingdoms that rule, and the tales of yore. Being of Norse Goron linage, his father; the patriarch at the time had the expectation that his son would take over once he passed on to the next life. Unfortunately, the first born would be outdone by his baby brother a few years later. His younger sibling excelled in all his teachings similar to Konungr. However, unlike Konungr, he was the reincarnation of the Norse Goron patriarch that lead their tribe to this land roughly 700 years ago. Needless to say he was now in line to obtain the title, not Konungr.

Time went on and the reincarnated Goron found himself exiled from the village. Konungr was now back within the graces of his stoic father and happily took the title on his passing—which happened a few years later. Now preparing for the arrival of The Calamity Konungr leads his people with passion, loyalty, and love.      

R O L E - P L A Y - S A M P L E ,
The entire cavern metropolis of the Goron's bustled with activity. Weaponsmith's sold quality armor and swords, merchants with tongues coated in heavy amounts of silver poached various knickknacks to children and adult alike. The village sentinel's stood with vigilant eyes that thoroughly scanned over the merriment being had. These soldiers; elite-guard sported samurai-esque armor with massive daunting weapons. Despite their intimidating appearance, each guard had some sort of jolly presence about them. The metropolis of the stony giants seemed well taken care of, but what about their leader; the current patriarch?

"I understand," Konungr spoke with a prideful tone to the wraithlike figures surrounding him on all sides. Each ghostly enigma towered over the skyscraping Goron by a couple of feet and even seemed more intimidating than himself. "Idiotic, child!" One snarled as he approached the current patriarch with eyes of rage and disappointment. "Do you have any idea what it is you are suggesting?!" The incorporeal giant bellowed with clinched fists. Konungr leered deep into the red eyes of the being and continued to state his case. "We Goron's have no place in politics or war, I understand this. But when the Calamity arrives again ---" He was cut off by the enraged shadow. "Then you will handle it as it is your duty as patriarch. Don't you dare drag those high and mighty Hylian's into our peoples affairs!" With a grunt of intense anger, steam jetted from the nostrils of Konungr. He too clinched his massive hands into fists. "We're finished here. I'll handle this the way I see fit. You're in your current situation for a reason, remember that." The figure cackled like some insane hyena before taking slow steps away from Konungr. "Arrogant words, boyo. Disrespectful child that will throw away our peoples customs and traditions due to his own fear. Pathetic excuse of a ruler; pathetic excuse of a man." With that being said, one by one, each figure vanished; leaving the towering Goron by himself.

The trance faded and Konungr found himself back within his dorm riddled with heads of beast that once threatened the very mountain he and his people called home. He sighed, stood up, and glared at the statue of the past patriarch. "Foolish..." He snatched his ivory haori and departed from the dorm with heavy footsteps; for he had more pressing matters to attend to.

OOC , this is a post I made awhile ago using a Goron Chieftain very similar to the one i'm app'ing for right now. Below this one, I'll be doing another with this illustration of Konungr. So please; continue reading if you aren't satisfied with the first sample.  

- - -

Dismembered body parts scattered across the volcanic battlefield of the Goron Defense Unit. Konungr stood among the chaos, death, and destruction; those searing white eyes of his fixated deathly upon the shadow dragon flying overhead. Grievous wounds housed his stone body as cascading blood from a head wound obscured his vigilant vision slightly. The nightmarish dragon roared in dominance as the ravaged Chieftain panted due to extreme exhaustion. The roar caused the molten lava around the remaining guard to swell up in a form of a tsunami threatening to swallow the rocky sentinels whole. The few brave guard that remained merely watched in horror as the half a kilometer wave inched closer with each passing second.

Konungr clenched the legendary spear with a grip so tight any other conventional weapon would have snapped in two. "I will not falter!" He bellowed as he used what remaining energy reserves he had in the tank to perform one massive swing of the legendary spear Gungnir. A beam of pure white light was left in the spears wake. The beam of light collided with the massive wave and instantly cooled the molten liquid and freezing it in place in  a singular black mass. Konungr dropped the legendary spear after the impressive display of will-power—he also dropped to his knees due to depleted energy reserves.

"Leave this place, brothers. Take our kin with you and seek refuge within Hyrule kingdom!" He ordered as the monstrous dragon touched down back upon the scorched earth, snarling with eyes of pure evil. The elite guard knew better than to argue, so they fled from the battlefield with haste; some even shedding tears for their helpless Chieftain.

"Forefathers, aid me in my time of need... Goddess... Give me strength!" He whispered as he rose to his feet; those eyes of his still searing hot with passion. "Ey', boyo. This is your fight to win. This all ends now!" A ghost-esque figure appeared directly beside him with a cocky grin. The ghost of one of the previous Goron Chieftain empowered the depleted Goron. "We won't allow you to fail, Konungr. You have proven yourself worthy of our aid, boy." Another appeared on the opposing side and giving him even more energy. "Son, end this. Now!" The voice of his father bellowed deep within the mind of Konungr as he scooped up the legendary spear and charged at the nightmarish dragon.


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F A C E - C L A I M , Konungr is played by Asura from Asura's Wrath and Nichol D. Heyward from JACKALS
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