"My Father's Son..." (Open)

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"My Father's Son..." (Open)

Post by Kaseki on Mon Mar 02, 2015 2:48 am

"A glorious day for..." he looked back, to find his ally face deep into the sand. He knew the trip was far too long, and would surely them if they didn't get help soon. "Hoso?" Darkurr questioned his friend. "When I said We'll get to Hyrule or die trying..."

His friend lay dead in the sand and Darkurr turned away to press on. He had no time for stale conversations over a deceased topic that was spoken in a dead language. He had things to do. However with a small smile he spun and lifted the body with his own powers, almost creating a puppet out of his friend. "Hoso, we're going to Hyrule. You'll be my bodyguard." He gave a laugh at the taught. The body nodded in reply. It was an odd event to see, nonetheless, but it was daily life for Darkurr.

"It's been nearly a decade..." he thought to himself, "I'll return tothe city, father. I'll make you proud.... I'll make you proud."


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