Training the Minion[Mission]

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Training the Minion[Mission]

Post by Judge Cassidy on Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:40 pm

Mission Name: Caster Training
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: Study these BORING books and learn some magic so you can do the fun stuff and genocide.
Requirements: Read the Books
Player Count: 1
Reward: 50k rupees, 75 EXP
Word Count: 150 for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

The torture regimen had worked beautifully! This Kokiri had been turned into a valuable employee of the establishment. Together, they would bring death and destruction to the people of the forest. When people of the same race killed each other, it brought a tear to Cassidy's was just that beautiful!

But, of course his newest minion didn't start off strong. So, that's why they were going to the training fields so early.. perhaps he would even get as strong as Cassidy, eventually. As they went to the fields, Cassidy began to think of some of the moments that transformed the boy into what he was now.

At first, it was very hard to control the Kokiri's lust for killing. The boy, who Cassidy would now refer to as Geno, was trying to kill everything in sight, including Fetcher and Cassidy. However, after he brutally killed a couple of small animals like cats and dogs, he was a bit more calmer. Still, the boy could not speak in anything but growls and grunts. The torture had effected his mind deeply. It would take a couple of weeks before he could talk again. But, at least Geno could still understand english, so that wouldn't get in the way of the training.

The training field was the same as always. Grassy plains that stretched out for about a hundred miles with a few trees scattered about and a rock in the middle. Cassidy remembered he killed someone last time he was here. Of course, the body was gone, and thankfully, no one suspected that he was the killer. In fact, the guards didn't have any suspects. He'd pretty much gotten away with murder.

Geno and Cassidy sat about a meter away from each other, staring in the other's eyes. Cassidy guided Geno into proper meditation form, and even brought along a few books recommended by Fetcher. Cassidy couldn't resist, reading most of the book along with his student. He couldn't believe the information that was being said in this book! Apparently, he'd been meditating wrong the whole time. In his mind, he wanted to kill the creator of this book. Cassidy knew his way of meditating made him gain enormous amounts of power, and he wouldn't do it any other way! He didn't care about how many scientists said otherwise!

As Geno kept reading the book, Cassidy kicked it away from him. The Kokiri wouldn't learn it the generic, boring way...he would do it Cassidy's way, or die! Screw what Fetcher said, Cassidy was regaining his power back anyways. Geno was visibly irritated that the book had been so rudely taken away with him, but Cassidy could care less, teaching him how to meditate his own way. This went on for about a hour, until Geno finally got the stance right. Before he could learn any spells, Geno would have to work on controlling and increasing his inner energy. While he did that, Cassidy would train his water spell.

Repeatedly, Cassidy would fire his water arrow at a tree, refining his energy control with each time he used the spell. Cassidy knew that soon he would have the control and capacity necessary to use the more difficult spells. He was a fan of his explosives, used to blow the enemy into smithereens once he got bored playing around with them...or, his various deadly toxins. They were all very fun spells that Cassidy would enjoy having back into his arsenals. The clown would also add some new tricks...

As he continued to hammer away at the tree, his mind wandered off, thinking about the rest of his life. Cassidy could admit that a good thing did come out of having a younger body...he remembered how he felt his power was slowly waning away when he got older. Now, Cassidy had a second chance at his prime power. Who in Hyrule would be capable of stopping him? He was quickly learning from mistakes he made in his past life.

"I'm slowly approaching a point where my limits will be broken...I'm almost to it! And when that happens..I'll have reclaimed sixty six percent of my power. Not many people are capable of beating me in this pathetically weak form. The power of Hyrule's warriors has really decreased over the years...such a shame! I guess the world WILL be destroyed at this rate. I can't wait! Amd you know what I'll say to those gods when my time for judgment comes? I did it for shits and giggles!"

Cassidy gave a little laugh, looking at Geno. He was really deep into it..

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Re: Training the Minion[Mission]

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Mon Mar 02, 2015 7:04 pm

Approved! Your rewards will be given shortly!


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