Capture the Minion [Mission]

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Capture the Minion [Mission]

Post by Judge Cassidy on Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:48 am

Mission Name: Contract
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: Somehow, you have to make a living for yourself and that's why you've became a mercenary. Plus you have to erase scum! You were assigned to kill a small group of bandits(5). Do it.
Requirements: Kill the Bandits
Player Count: 1
Reward: 50k rupees, 75 EXP
Word Count: 150 for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

It was a new day for Cassidy to kill some more people. Specifically, he was going to kill some bandits. After all, he did need the money for equipment and the like so he could be feared again! He wanted his name to become apart of every household! He wanted parents to tell there children bedtime stories about him to set them straight. But, in the end, the fame mattered little if Cassidy succeeded in his goals. However, even Cassidy knew that it was an if. If those gods really did exist, they would certainly find a way to interfere and mess with his plans. However, that brought a smile to his face. It wasn't everyday that you got to kill gods.

Cassidy had just finished ironing his suit and slid it on, smiling as it made a perfect fit for his body. This time, Fetcher wouldn't be coming with him to the mission, as he was confident that Cassidy had regained enough power to handle it on his own. Plus, he was busy with something...Cassidy remembered hearing screams in the middle of the night. Probably torture. It was always Fetcher's favorite thing to do. You could tell it excited him, even if he had no face.

He slung a bag over his shoulder, containing vital supplies, although he doubted that he would need it. Fetcher, however, insisted that he took it, stating that Cassidy would never know if he would need it. The jester left the house, noticing how early it was. Barely a soul was out on the streets, probably because of a village holiday as well.

His horse that was assigned for this mission, a caramel colored one named Laby stood right outside the village, ready for action. Cassidy guessed that he had been waiting for about five minutes, since he called the horse to be sent about ten minutes ago. Cassidy hopped on, and a few moments later they took off throughout the lands of Hyrule.

Cassidy couldn't lie, he kind of missed Fetcher. Who would he tease and talk to, after all? The horse? Could it even understand what he was saying? Probably, as it needed to know commands, but he doubted that it had such a grasp over the language that the horse would know every word Cassidy spoke.

As he rode alone in the silence of the morning, he began thinking about how many ways could he kill these bandits. But as he thought about that, another idea rose in his head. Minions didn't come very cheap, especially if they were of decent quality. So, he didn't have to buy any if he could just enslave them! Getting to live, but in exchange, a lifetime of Cassidy's eyes that seemed like a very fair trade.

In about a hour, he arrived at the bandit's base, all five targets sitting around at the entrance. Of course, they obviously wanted to know who he was, the fattest man getting up from his game of cards and brandishing his sword in a threatening manner.

But, Cassidy ignored this and analyzed his value. He was fat, didn't seem very good with a sword, liked to drink alcohol a lot, and was ugly.

"Your value is worth zero rupees.. bye."

Pointing his index finger at the bandit and sticking his thumb out like it was a gun, he shot his signature move: The water arrow, which made a nice, neat head shot. He was killed instantly, and the other four got up, ready to fight. They were a bit nervous, of course. A child had killed one of them, and rather casually at that.

"Now that the idiot is gone, I'd like to make you boys an offer that you simply can't refuse! How would you like to join my fine establishment to help rule the world! I think I've show you an adequate example of my power.."

He made a small gesture towards the corpse of the fat man. Unfortunately, this particular group of idiots seemed like they were feeling "brave." They charged towards Cassidy, shouting out idiotic lines "We'll avenge our brother!", and "Four against one? You can't possibly win!"

With the distance, it gave Cassidy enough time to leap off of his horse and sink into the ground, the large horse obstructing the bandit's view of him sinking like a mole.

Cassidy knew he saw a weapon somewhere that would deal with these bandit's quickly and efficiently, traveling towards a log and popping back up! He found automated crossbow. Picking it up, he grinned.


The bandits turned around, and once they saw Cassidy holding the crossbow, the instinctively dropped the weapons they were carrying.

"Don't shoot! I have kids!"

And of course, he was the first one to be shot. Perhaps if he kept his mouth shut he would have been given a few more seconds of life, enough time to devise a plan and escape. But alas, that was not the case.

Each bandit was shot down with the arrow, with each bandit having at least 10 arrows plunged inside of them. It was like once they saw Cassidy with the weapon, they simply gave up.

Next, Cassidy went inside of the house to steal anything of value for the extra rupees, but found nothing until he heard what sounded like crying. Cassidy followed the source of this noise and found a little boy inside a bedroom...

"A-Are you here to save me mister? They kidnapped me and put me into slavery.."

Cassidy, examining his clothes, noticed that he was one of those wretched forest people. His rage was about to explode, causing him to kill the child, but, an idea popped into his head...a very sinister one.

"Sure...but your parents wanted me to take care of you, okay?"

The kokiri nodded, taking Cassidy's hand. Cassidy had just found himself a new minion.

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Re: Capture the Minion [Mission]

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:59 am

APPROVED! Your rewards will be given shortly!


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