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Rayni Emaria

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:24 pm

Name: Rayni Emaria
Alias: Emaria, Emari, Emara, Tempest
Age: 17 (417)
Class: Theif/Assassin
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
Race: Gerudo
Kingdom: Hyrule (Gerudo Desert)
Special features: Unlike most other Gerudo's, Emara's hair is purple in color.

Personality: Emara is a bit of a handful. She is bright, quick to catch on, stealthy, quick and strong among many other things. Emara can be caring at times but won't think twice about putting an arrow or knife in someone's back if they betray her. She's courageous, ambitious, witty, loyal, and strong willed. While these are more positive traits, she is filled with negative ones as well. Such as, being somewhat cantankerous, Machiavellian, Unpredictable, aggressive, and a little perverse.

Around people she care for, she can be quite fun and enjoyable to be around. Times of this would be nights of dancing around an open fire with the other Gerudos. She enjoyed story telling, whether they were about history(which she knew about most), frightening places or just made up tales. Emara enjoyed them all. To her, the Gerudo were her family. It's all she needed. She cared for them. Around Ganondorf however, she was much more caring. She started off as a loyal follower but soon she grew to feel love towards him. Yes, she knew that with him, darkness followed. But it didn't stop her from being willing to die for him.

Around those she doesn't care too much for, she will threaten- well, promise more so. She doesn't trust anyone she just met, so deal with it. It takes alot to gain it and if you seek to destroy what Ganon seeks to gain, it makes you public enemy number one. You will have more then just Gerudo trying to remove your head from those shoulders.
Likes: Ancient Artifacts and what not, Storms, men with brains and who can use strategic moves, storms, animals(mostly her horse)
Dislikes: Wasted time and talent, sitting still for too long, overly opinionated people,.
Motivations: Things that motivate Emara are money and if Ganondorf needed her assistance. She would always be ready for anything he could throw at her. Cookies too. She likes cookies. ALOT. As well as milk.
Fears: Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat. Ever since the nightmares as a child of giant mole rats, she wont have anything to do with them. Isolophobia, the fear of isolation. When she was sealed away for helping Ganondorf, she was in a realm that was a mere void. No one was there and she lived like this for hundreds of years.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: [x]125 lbs.
Eye color: Amber, Golden
Hair color: Purple
Emara stands at about 5’7” and weighs around 125 lbs. She has long unusual purple hair which is pulled back into a pony tail with loose strands around her face. Her eyes are golden in color like your average Gerudo. When visible, a tattoo can be noticed on the outside of her left foot, over the ankle area. The golden colors are shaped into a *Crescent moon and star. On the back of her shoulder she has a mark that formed as she grew into the **Tribes symbol.
She normally wears all light weight clothing for easier and more of a quick movement when needed along with a beige neck wrap that can be used to hide a section of her face. When around the Fortress she wears either sandals or no shoes at all. She will normally always have a saber or two on her. If not then a knife.

*Original Gerudo Symbol before it was changed.

**Symbol used in game.

History: Emara grew up in the vast sands of the Gerudo Desert under the care of Gerudo Witches. She didn't know her parents but she always swore that she only needed her people and her best friend whom she would grow alongside with and support no matter what he was doing. She was a strange child, born with unnatural hair color. Strong and quick... Emara picked up combat and magic like it was 2nd nature. She enjoyed sitting around campfires, listening to old ghost stories told by the other Gerudo Warriors. After a few years, she began to question her existence. Question her purpose in life. People told her she had been chosen and that the markings of their tribe only proved it more. Her talent with fire was said to come from the Goddess Din herself as she was born with Din's emblem in the form of a birthmark.
It took a few more years of training with Ganon before she realized that he was her purpose. She was to use her talents for the sake of anything he needed. She trained day and night so that she could protect him. There were nights in which her sleep would be plagued with images of events both in the past and ones that she couldn’t quite make out. All she could do was brush them off. Most nights, slept in the sand under the stars, dreaming of a happy future and successful one at that.
Mid-teen years she succeeded in passing up her fellow Gerudos in skill and smarts along with Ganon. Over these last few years, she only grew closer to the man that would wish to march on Hyrule and take the Triforce for himself. She loved him and would die for him if needed. This she knew. Even though she did not travel with him away from the desert, she worked for him behind the scenes.
The young Gerudo soon came to find that the feelings she had for Ganondorf were mutual. They began seeing each other as more then just friends. But then… After all the chaos, came the time for Ganons execution. She tried attacking the Sages, to save the man she loved but was unsuccessful. While Ganodorf stood, chained and unable to help, she was aprehanded and he watched as she was sealed into another realm.
For the next 400 years, she would undergo torture. Seculded from any other life. Reliving her greatest fears. Then…something happened. Din released her. Emara thought that maybe it was because of her connection. Perhaps it had something to do with her creation. Maybe her parents? But she never had any so why would it make sense now? Perhaps she was overthinking it all. She needed to allow time to flow the way it was.
Her next mission, to find him. The King of the Gerudo and she would. No matter what it took, no matter what she had to do.

RP Sample: Emara opened her eyes, squinting at the bright sunlight beaming overhead. “What the fuck…? There’s no sunlight in….” Her eyes widen as she sits up and looks around. Suddenly she calms down, feeling the warmth in her fingers. She raised her hand, seeing sand. “Am I…. home?” The female stood, looking around as she turned in circles. “There’s…nothing but ruins…” Her eyes widened as she began to cry silently. “I don’t understand… what happened to everyone…?”
Slowly she made her way into the ruins of the Spirit Temple, memories flooding back from her childhood. Remembering being a child and running, getting into trouble with the Young Prince at the time.  Koume and Kotake getting onto them for running. Saying they could break something. She smiled softly seeing a campfire outside an exit. Gerudo figures dancing around a fire, singing, laughing…
Stopping for a moment, Emara looked out over a ledge at the training grounds. Seeing two figures, about 10 with wooden swords. They were fighting, as other Gerudo females watched. The two were equally matched.
Ganon swung his sword downwards at Emara not seeing her sword dig into the sand. She pulled the sword swiftly, sending sand into his face before flipping him onto his back and placing the tip of the sword to his throat. “Come on Ganon, you’re gonna be King someday. You can’t have a girl beating you.” The younger Emira smirked as she held out a hand to assist him.
Ganondorf took her hand only to pull her down and roll on top, place his sword across her neck. “And you shouldn’t be quick to lend a helping hand.”
Emara smiled, crying more. The memories made her happy but she knew that things weren’t like that anymore. She wanted it to stop but everywhere she turned, her past haunted her. Finally she made it to the top, to where it all happened. Where they were going to execute him, her love. Her King. Where they would seal her way.
“WHY!? WHY NOW!?” She shouted at the top of her lungs at the sky. She was talking to the Gods.  “WHY LET ME ROT FOR 400 YEARS THEN LET ME GO WHEN I HAVE NOTHING?!” Silence was all there was as she fell, back against the wall. Dropping her head into her arms. “I’m not your warrior anymore Din… I chose my own path. Why would you free me…?”

Reference: I found it on an Affiliate site. Sonata of Awakening.
Face claim: Emara/Bleach/Yoruichi Shihōin

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Re: Rayni Emaria

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Great job working on this! APPROVED!


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