Training Day[Mission]

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Training Day[Mission]

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:22 pm

Mission Name: Training
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: Go train so you can be the best! Spar, do some push ups..stuff like that! No killing dragons!
Requirements: Train!
Player Count: 1
Reward: 75 exp 50k rupees
Word Count: 150 words for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

Well, it was time to get stronger! Even if he was a freakishly strong teenager, he couldn't stand not training. The possibility of beating his brother was simply too alluring, even if he could be dead by now.

That actually scares me..what if he IS dead...I'll feel like a fucking idiot.

He tried not to think about that though, as he loved thinking of himself in high esteem. After all, even though he would never admit it, he was a pretty arrogant person.

Currently, he was dressed in what he called his training outfit. A purple tank top with blue pants and brown boots. Did it match? No, why would he care about such trivial things during training? Only a fool would do something like that!

He was kind of bummed out though. He never really had a sparring partner because he simply dwarfed everyone when it came to his physical abilities, and he disliked holding back. So, today he would be practice attacks on trees, which was kind of boring, but eh! What could he do about it?

By the time Rython's clan had been massacred, his brother was already a master of the Southern Fowl art. Rython had no doubt in his mind that his brother was learning more and more of the arts. He needed to start branching out his skills too...but, later. Reading books to learn martial arts? It was possible with how fast Rython learned things, but it was still far from optimal.

He arrived at the training field, a plain area with just grass that stretched for a hundred meters, a tree in the middle, and a boulder twice Rython's size. Rython was prepared to do his warm up exercise, which consisted of a run around the field, until something poked him in the rib cage, causing him to turn around and get ready for battle, a reflex he still carried with him from his bandit days. But, when he turned around, he saw someone that looked like a seven year old!

"Ah...sorry kid, reflexes. What do you want?"

"Kid! I ain't no kid...I'm just a midget! I'm really hate it when everyone calls me that! But whatever, I'm sure I can pay you back after I finish beating you in a spar!"

He wasn't bothered by the fact that this guy assumed Rython would say yes, BUT, he was irritated that this guy thought he could beat the strongest person alive? Well, not counting his brother...

"Fine, I'll take you on little man...what's your name, anyways?"

"Shizuo! Shizuo Nakizawa! You?"

"Sounds a little foreign...I'm Rython, Rython Briefs."

Shizuo leaped five meters backwards, descending into a fighting stance. He seemed to be suited to close combat as well, and the two took off. Rython was surprised that he was able to keep up with him, even though he was still a bit slower, as the short boy dodged a punch to the head and counter with a kick.

It must be because of his short stature..I'm not used to fighting those body types...

The kick made its marking, sending Rython flying, but he quickly recovered, using a backflip to create some distance.

"You're good...looks like this will be more fun then I expected, Shizuo! Should we end the warm up and go all out?"

Shizuo looked a bit pale when he heard that, but Rython had no clue, too excited by this moment to see what was insignificant.

"R-Right...I'm ready to go all out!

Unfortunately, Shizuo stood no chance, being sent to the ground by a single strike to the gut, leaving him gasping for air. The difference between these fighters was just astoundingly high. As Shizuo writhed in pain, Rython felt a little bad.

"Uh..if it means anything, you weren't defeated so easily like many others before ya later, I guess."

All he got in return was a middle figure, which oddly caused Rython to laugh.

"Hope ya get stronger, little man! You're the best challenge I have! I hope you don't disappoint me.."

With those final words, Rython began heading out of the training field.

Shizuo, eh? Heh..I'll keep his name in mind, definitely! With a little more training of the fundamentals, he could definitely become a sparring power that'll help me defeat my brother..

What would he do now, though? His stomach rumbled...he had a few rupees. At the local restaurant, he decided to eat some fried chicken.

"Ah! Training complete....even though it was a pretty short spar, I felt like I've gotten one step closer to beating my brother."

But..I've been so focused on training I haven't been fighting crime lately. Maybe it's time to get back in the game. Hyrule needs me...

WC: 766

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Re: Training Day[Mission]

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:52 pm

APPROVED! Your 50k rupees and 75 EXP will be added shortly


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