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Post by The Old Gods on Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:57 pm

Swordsmen are warriors who have trained in the art of using a weapon without an off-hand shield without a defensive weapon, such as a shield, and can still be proficient in battle. Swordsmen are able to use single handed weapons, two handed weapons, and even dual wield weapons. Swordsmen have a very aggressive style of combat due to their proficiency with weapons. Swordsmen are capable of wearing medium level armors.

Knights are warriors who are trained in the art of using single handed weapons with the use of a shield, allowing them to balance offense and defense well. Knights can use single handed weapons and use any type and size of shield they wish, even using massive shield and focusing more on their defensive capabilities. Knights are capable of wearing high level armors. Being in the class of knights does not mean that you are a knight of the royal guard.

Casters are warriors who have trained in the art of magic, enchanting, and summoning. Casters are very versatile in combat and very useful to allies. They are capable of not only casting spells to harm their opponents, but are also capable of summoning creatures to come to their aid as well as enchant their own weapons and their allies weapons for a brief period of time. Because of the varying skills sets of a caster, they do not have one singular style of combat, which can make them hard to counter in fights. Casters have high offensive magical capabilities due to the power of magic, but have very little physical offense or defense as they would have had to spend most of their time studying instead of training their body. Casters are capable of wearing low level armors.

Note: All classes can have spells, but caster is the only one that can have experienced and master spells.

Note 2: All weapons that casters make can be magic weapons, so this means they come with a built-in ability that doesn't need to be purchased and ranks up with the weapon.

Rangers are warriors who have trained in the art of ranged weaponry and ranged fighting. Rangers boast high versatility in combat because of the many different ways they can fight. Rangers with skill often have the upper hand in combat against melee ranged fighters - especially against the Swordsman and Fighter classes because they are able to keep them at bay for long periods of time. A ranger's style of combat allows them to escape situations which would otherwise prove fatal to them by using their range so as to not have to get too close to their targets; their only shortcomings would be letting an opponent get too close or opponents with several defenses. Rangers use ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows, bombs, grappling hooks, boomerangs and many more ranged type weapons. Rangers are capable of wearing medium level armors.

Fighters are warriors who have trained in the art of martial combat, often being highly trained martial artists who’s body is their most dangerous weapon. A fighter's style of combat goes well against other opponents who fight at melee range because they have the least amount of range, as their body is their weapon. Fighters have high offense, which allows them to deal high amounts of concussive and crushing damage which can be devastating to low level armors and their wearers. Because fighters weaponry and armor are not very heavy or obstructing, fighters have great combat mobility and do well in combat because of their ability to evade and counter attack. Fighters are capable of wielding fist and worn weapons such as bladed boots, brass knuckles, claws, katars or gauntlets. Fighters are capable of wearing medium level armors.

Assassins are fighters who are trained in the art of assassination combat, making them quick and deadly. Their offensive capabilities are extremely high, though they lack in defensive capabilities, being as susceptible to damage as the caster class. Assassins are very versatile in combat against a wide range of other classes because they are a mixture of short ranged combat and short melee range combat. While their ranged weapons are not as effective or as strong as a rangers capabilities, they are also able to wield small melee weapons which allows them to keep a good balance of ranged and melee damage to fight against their opponent how they so please. Assassins are keen of mind and have sharpened senses that allow them to become rather stealthy in the right combat situations and can often deal critical blows with greater ease than most other classes. Assassins wield small bladed weapons such as knives, daggers, needles, whips and small ranged weapons such as throwing darts or throwing needles. Assassins are capable of wearing low level armors.
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