Le shark's mission 4

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Le shark's mission 4

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:59 pm

Immediately after dray finished studying all thirty books that were given to him as a mission in the library, he got and went back to the man in the enclosed room of the library to let him know about the success of the mission. Dray knocked on the door gently as the man ordered him to come in. This time, he offered dray a seat and dray gladly sat down. He told the man that he had finished studying all the thrity books. The man turned his head to the left and looked at the water proof clock on the wall as most object in the zora village were somehow water resistants. The man cleared his throat as suprise showed on his face. Thirty books in just five hours? That was almost impossible. The man began asking dray several questions. Questions that were answered brilliantly by dray. The man could not help but slightly commend dray after which he began to speak...
"While you were busy reading the books, a messenger brought in a message. The authorities want to to take three young zoras out of the village"... Dray interrupted the man as he asked why the authorities would want to take out three zoras and why him.. "Calm your horses.." the man said as he continued.. "These three young zoras consist of two males and three females. The zoras are known to be the most troublesome younglings in the whole zora village and in about an hour time, the village project is beginning. One which you are aware of so we need those zoras far away from here as possible. You have been chosen because you have become an idol to all the younglings and none of them would refuse going out with you. Take them anywhere, teach them to swim, to dive, do anything..... .JUST TAKE THEM OUT OF THE VILLAGE! " the man yelled..

"Woah.." dray blurted out as he left the room almost laughing. He remembered the young zoras in question. They were the same ones that wrecked the foundation of mr. peep's house. Little wonder he was this angry. So he was the guide for a tour, that was brilliant. After studying thirty different large books, what more could be satisfing than going on a real adventure. Dray walked through the hall way of the library until he got to the exit. He pushed the door to step out into the streets and as his legs reached the floor of the streets, a shrieking sound met his ears with the word.. "DRAY!!!!!!!!". Putting his hands over both of his ears, he turned to his right to see three skinny zoras and a man behind them.. "Here they are" the man said and he turned and left. Now, it was dray and these three not really skinny but supposed to be annoying children. "So its cool you knowing my name..." Dray would say to them as they would also reply starting from dray's right... "I'm Ao" "I'm Bo" "I'm Co".. Interesting or so dray thought. The zoras had a weird way of naming their children and these three here were a brilliant example.

"So... Do You know what we are here for?" Dray would ask as they children who would reply together and happily too... "Of course, we were told you wanted to take us swimming and we regard that as a big priviledge.."
"Awesome.. then let's get going..." Dray would say as he would propel himself and begin to swim through the streets... "Wait wait wait.." The little zoras would shout out as dray would stop and came back to them. "What is the matter now.." Dray would ask as if they had caused trouble earlier.. "How are you going to swim properly without a tail like ours.." the younglings would ask while wagging their little zora tail... Sighing, dray would say to them.. "Close your eyes.." And in the moment that they would do this, dray would have transformed from his humanoid form to his real zora state thereby possessing a very long and strong tail, widened gills, claws on hands and legs and a large scale on his back.. "Shall we go now.." Dray would ask with a smile on his face as the little zorras would open their mouths and stare in awe... "How did he do that.." they would say to each other as they followed behind dray closely while mumuring to themselves.

For a while, dray would navigate their way through the large zora village while constantly checking on the zoras behind him. He was not sure of what they could and would do. In no time, four zora descendants were out of the safety of the zora village and all they were faced with right now was a big blue sea and the creatures in it but of course, dray was fit and responsible enough to protect his younger ones...
Once they were out of the village, the young ones would gasp and later chuckle to each other for they had never ever been out of the zora village before now.. "Shall we stand here all day.." One of the young zoras would ask dray happily. "No we shall not" dray would reply while giving them instructions.. "You swim on my right, you swim on my left and you swim very close to me on whatever side you please.." The first zora youngling which was Ao was a male, the second little zora named Bo was a female while the last zora kid was a male named Co so Ao was swimming to dray's right, Co was swimming to dray's left and Bo was swimming very close to dray..

"Why do she get to choose where to swim and very close to you too.." Ao would ask dray and with a loud giggle, Co would reply.. "Because she's a female of course.." "Calm calm" dray would say to all younglings, "let's roll.." .. Dray would begin swimming at a steady pace that was easy for the young zoras to keep up with after which he would twist while swimming and spin also. The young zoras swimming with him would try it also but not to perfection. They wanted an adventure.. Let me give them one.. Dray would think to himself happily.. Right in front of them was one of the many big anchors that had sank into the sea and it was large enough to cover a zora as dray from being seen.. Dray would increase his pace as the zoras would yell at him to slow down but dray would not listen as he would continue swimming speedily towards the anchor. Once he got there, he would swim around it and down to the base to hide from the three little zoras. Back up, the little zoras would get to the anchor but they would not be able to find dray.. "We are dead dead.." Ao would say. Very Very dead..followed by Bo as Co would lastly say..So so dead.." the little zoras would say within themselves while forcing themselves to cry. Being far out into open sea, their voices would echoe as dray would laugh at the bottom of the anchor.. As if that was not enough, dray would swim upwards and quickly appear before the three young zoras in the twinkle of an eye as he would roar and make his long sharp nails and razor teeth visible.. "Yikes.." the younglings would shout as they would begin to swin away... "Its me, dray.." Dray would call out to them and laugh at the scaredy cats..

Seeing that it was truly dray, the three rage filled little zoras would charge at him while he was laughing and use all their force to push him to the ground while stomping him with their weak legs... "That was not so so funny.." they would say angrily to dray at the same time.. "But we loved it.." They would conclude while jumping on dray.. They were really made of trouble.. Dray would think as he would sigh too.. He and the little zoras would be out in the waters for a while picking up unique sea shells and other beautiful and glittering items. "Its time to go now.." Dray would call out to the children that were still busy scavenging.. "Just a minute.." they would reply as they would tie up their bags and meet up with dray after which all zoras, both young and old would swim back happily to the zora village for It had been a brilliant adventure that they would love to have again some other time..

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Re: Le shark's mission 4

Post by Zelda on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:09 pm

Accepted. Funds added and EXP added.

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