Le shark's mission 3

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Le shark's mission 3

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:54 pm

The cool chilled water ran down the spine of dray as he turned and woke up to life. It was another bright day for the little zora and who knows what fate had in store for him. Definetly not something good or so he would think. For the past few weeks, dray had been on a mission of proving himself eligible for the throne of the king of zora. Of course, He had been chosen to be the king, the one who would lead the people to peace and victory but was this person named dray fit? He was a loner meaning he had no mother, no father, no brothers and no sisters. He was more of an orphan except for the fact that he knew who his parents were and that they were killed in the war together with his younger sister.

Dray's missions had been ranging from checking out the zora village's welfare, helping sea animals and the likes of them. He sat up in bed and wondered what the day's mission was going to entail. He was never tired of some adventure and in addition, he was getting money from it and a little bit of fame too. Just that little bit was enough for him afterall, little drops of water makes up the ocean. Dray rested his back and looked into the nothingness before him. It was just a plane view except for the blueish color of the sea. How beautiful it was, to live under the sea. They were so lucky, they were protected from the outside world and they had no reason to fear battle because it was not an easy feat to swim all the way from the top to the bottom of the zora seas so even only the bravest of zoras dared to swim out to land.

Dray raised his bed sheets off of himself. It was hardly hot beneath the water. He went into the bath room and cleaned himself up even though he was almost always clean. He slipped into his almost regular clothe of a black trouser alone. He hardly wore any other clothe as he was mostly under water. It was a usual thing in the zora village beneath the zora seas. The citizens hardly wore clothes except for the fact that men put on trousers, the children put on shorts while the females put on things like shells to cover their breasts and lower body too. Dray stopped to think about what he would face when he got to where he was going to. He was heading to the great library of the zora village. People often received missions there so dray was also going there to receive his. He sure hoped it was something much different, one which he had hardly done before. With a bit of hope, dray stepped out of his little home and swam all the way to the library.

His previous missions had earned him some fame within the village as he could see other zoras smiling happily as he passed by. Some even waved at him while the rest cheered, it was a beautiful scene. He was not king yet and he was getting this much attention, it was marvellous. All he had to do was to keep up the good deeds. Dray kept on swimming steadily. He had no cause to rush for he was pretty early. He loved punctuality, always trying to do everything right but he often heard from others and read from books that nobody, not even a single person on the surface of the earth was perfect. Dray often wondered if this fact also applied to his ancestors. If they were not perfect, how then did they build a city under water? How then did they know the comfortable living way for hyrules? Dray could not help not think. These questions were some of the ones that exceeded his knowledge. He needed answers but where to get them was the problem even now that the current zora king was dead.

Dray lowered himself to the ground as he stopped swimming. He took a deep breath and opened the doors of the library. He walked in like any usual zora in the zora village but he was far from being a usual zora. He was next in line for the throne. Infact, he was already the king but he just needed to pass this thing that seemed to be a training session. After that, he would be crowned the lord of the zoras and would rule them with whatever hand he desired.
Dray walked through the library as he put his head straight even though his prescence had attracted so many eyes. He walked into an enclosed chamber of the library to see who he was meant to see. As he walked into the dark room that had just a little light, dray cleared his throat to attract the man's attention. The man turned to dray in his spin chair and cleared his throat too as he fixed his gaze on dray. The man picked up a piece of paper on his desk and handed it to dray. Dray wondered why the formalities were required. He was here, right in front of the man so why could he not hear the mission straight away? He received the paper and followed the contents with his eyes.. "You have been presented with thirty different large books. You are to read everything in the books ranging from leadership to bravery, to tactics and the likes you them. We can't have a dumb
person become our king..". Dray almost wanted to laugh as he read the piece of paper. He loved studying very much thus why he had a great reservoir of knowledge so to him, this mission was not going to be a problem.

"Shelf D, Row fourteen" the man said as he spun his chair to back dray. Dray simply went out of the room to begin his mission. In no time, he found shelf D and them row fourteen. He counted the books and they were exactly thirty in number. That was perfect. The first book was based on history, exactly what dray wanted to read. It took him no time in reading, understanding and answering all the questions he had. The next two books were about leadership while the next one was about management. For hours, dray continued reading the books until he got to the last one that was based on war. Dray read this book deeply until he was done. With the mission for the day complete, dray stood up to go back and report to the man in the enclosed room.

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Re: Le shark's mission 3

Post by Zelda on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:11 pm

Accepted! Funds and EXP Added.

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