Rython Briefs

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Rython Briefs

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:30 pm

Name: Rython Briefs
Alias: The Great Suppaman, Suppaman
Age: 16
Class: Martial Arts
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Kingdom: Hyrule
Special features: None.

Personality: Arrogant: Super confident of his abilities to the point of arrogance since he's never had a challenge from most people in his life, he pretty much think he's unstoppable. He taunts people for fun(but also uses this as an opening to attack) But, although he tries and puts up a huge front with his arrogance, boasting about jow his fighting skills are better then everyone, it really hides an inferiority complex that stems from his brother, who was always called the better one.

Honorable: When he makes a promise, he won't stop. He doesn't cheat and does things what he considers the "right" way. Honor is a huge part of his moral code, and is why he's become a vigilante, believing that those that commit crimes have no honor at all as they pick on the weak and defenseless.

Prideful: Rython is very full of pride, and does not like being insulted. Whoever insults him can expect Rython to be plotting his revenge! He especially takes offense when his abilities as a fighter are called into question.

Extrovert: Rython is a very outgoing guy, and is the exact opposite of shy. He's that guy that talks to the one lonely kid at the party and tries and gets them to join the fun! Even though he has his flaws, he does try to be friendly.

Lonely: Choosing to go on the path of revenge alone, Rython has no one he can call a friend, and it hurts him, although he would never admit it, he's yearning for a friend.

Determined: If he sets his mind on something, he's going to do it, no questions asked. However, that could be a problem if he's TOO focused.

Likes: Justice, Training, Fighting
Dislikes: His family, evil, bitter foods.
Motivations: Family- Rython wants to be as different from his family as much as possible, disgusted by how they use the martial arts. This motivated him to do many things, such as getting stronger and becoming a hero.

Strength- Enchanted by the notion of becoming so strong no one will mess with him, Rython trains to be the best everyday.
Fears: Never surpassing his brother - If he dies while still weaker then his brother, he'd feel like his whole life was useless, and that he'd never be better then his family.

Height: 6"6
Weight: 190 pounds(of muscle!)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Purple
Appearance: Image.

History: Rython was born to a small clan of bandit who's base was in the mountains. They practiced a secret martial art that was only known by the members of the clan. Ever since he was four, he's been training in this martial art. At ten, he killed his first person. However, despite the pace at which he was learning the techniques, it was nothing compared to his brother, who was showered with love and affection by his parents. This caused Rython to become very jealous, but no matter how hard he tried he was ten steps behind..

One day, at the age of eleven he found his whole clan murdered, with a single note...his brother saw goodness in him, and wanted Rython to realize his potential. But, he couldn't understand this, and from that moment on hated his brother for eternity.

He traveled around the world, finding himself spiritually, and realized his brother was right. He wasn't about a life of killing with no remorse...and that's why, he became the hero of hyrule(in his opinion). One day, he believes that he will surpass his brother!
RP Sample: Rython currently sat in a wooden bar, taking a few drinks of apple cider. He didn't like alcohol when he was a kid, and he felt like he never would. The reason he was here? Well, he wanted to pick up more intel on one of the bandit clans that roamed the country side, causing terror wherever they went. It was his duty as the hero of Hyrule to stop the madness, after all. Men in desert cloaks and turbans sat at two tables, totaling fifteen people. He had no doubts that these were the bandits he was spying on, as they had a very distinct and unique outfit from the normal villagers.

I want to pound them into dust, but no..I can't blow my cover yet!

They talked and bragged about the way they killed men and women in a slurred manner. Clenching the glass mug, and gritting his teeth, he tried so badly to hold back. But he couldn't handle the boasting, especially when they were in the presence of someone so far above them.

Fuck it.

He snapped, zipping over to the one currently speaking.

"Hey ugly...SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

With a quick, powerful strike to his solar plexus, Rython sent the man flying through the bar. The other bandits, although nervous, withdrew the weapons they carried in sheaths.

"You think I'm afraid of weapon users, especially weapon users that are so inexperienced like you guys? Bring it on! I'll give it all I got even though I know you're no match for the Southern Fowl Art.."

This obviously irritated the bandits, but one was brave enough to try and fight. Unfortunately, that would be his downfall, as a single kick to the head knocked him out cold.

"Next time...I'll actually kill you fools! Who's next?"

Reference: None(Alt)
Face claim: Joseph Joestar - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendencyc

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Re: Rython Briefs

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