Advanced Class Information[WIP]

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Advanced Class Information[WIP]

Post by Seith on Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:30 pm

Advanced Class Information

Grand-Hunter: Swordsman/Ranger - Grand-Hunters are a dangerous force, combining a high level of expertise in both the art of swordsmanship and and ranged weapons which makes them a threat from any and every range, very few can escape the Grand-Hunter. Grand-Hunters are a capable of wielding anything from single and doubled handed weapons to cross-bows, bombs, throwing weapons, bows, grappling hooks etc. Grand-Hunters have a great ability to track and hunt people, making for excellent bounty hunters. Grand-Hunters can wear medium level armors.

Gladiator: Swordsman/Fighter - Gladiators make for great warriors, due to their combat experience and proficiency with both weapons and their own bare hands, there isn't many situations where a Gladiator is out of options. Gladiators are capable of adapting to any combat situation they may find themselves in and are extremely crafty fighters. Gladiators are capable of using one or two handed weapons as well as their fist and fist weapons, in close ranged combat Gladiators normally find themselves with the upper hand as being disarmed doesn't stop their flow of combat. Gladiators are capable of wearing medium level armors.

Mercenary: Swordsman/Assassin - Mercenaries are highly skilled in the art of 'killing' and assassination, especially with smaller weapons such as daggers and knives as well as short ranged projectiles or throwing weapons which make them very versatile in combat much like a Grand-Hunter though Grand-Hunters boast a much larger range. Mercenaries are good when it comes to fighting in the dark or in situations where they must be sneaky or assassinate a target, they are capable of being hidden until they want their opponent to know they are there and once they are in combat they are no joke. Mercenaries are capable of wearing Medium level armors.

Artillery Tank: Knight/Ranger - An odd pairing of both range and defensive capabilities, Artillery tanks are skilled in the art of using ranged weapons such as crossbows, Bows, Grappling hooks, Boomerangs and various other ranged type weapons though they also have had the training required to still stay relatively mobile while wearing a heavy suit of armor which makes the Artillery Tank a valuable asset in battle. Artillery tanks are capable of providing his/her allies with cover fire without having to put too much worry into their own safety.

Brutalizer: Knight/Fighter -

Partisan: Knight/Assassin -

Paladin: Caster/Swordsman - Paladins are a mighty force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, not only are they very experienced in the art of using one or two-handed weapons to deal out punishment in battle but they are also learned in the art of magic, making them 'that' much more dangerous. Paladins use magic alongside a weapon to not only just cast spells like a normal caster but they also enchant their weapons with magical spells to cause different types of effects which makes them very versatile in combat. Paladin are capable of wearing Medium level armor.

Paragon: Caster/Knight - Similar to how the Paladin is known for their offensive capabilities, Paragons are known for not only their already powerful body and ability to wear heavy armors without sacrificing too much speed. Paragons are also known for not only using magic much like a caster but can also augment their defenses which makes them the perfect human shield in combat.

Holy Arms: Caster/Ranger -

God-Fist: Caster/Fighter -

Illusionist: Caster/Assassin -

Feral Fist: Ranger/Fighter -

Grand-Tracker: Ranger/Assassin -

Ninja: Fighter/Assassin -

Blade-Master: Swordsman/Knight -

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Re: Advanced Class Information[WIP]

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:26 pm

Looks good.

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