The Knight Contract

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The Knight Contract

Post by Aberham on Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:53 am

Aberham wrote:Mission Name: The knight contract.
Mission Rank: Amateur.
Location: Hyrule field.
Description: Another amatuer knight had been robbing peaple at sword point. An equal to this knight has been found and it is time for him to be dispatched. He is to little of a threat for the Hylian knights to engage with, and has challenged you to a duel outside Castle town tonight.
Requirements: Kill the knight and collect the bounty on his head.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 100k rupees and 75 xp
Word Count: 1200
Mission Boss: The knight will be the mission boss.

Aberham wasn't sure about this mission.

While he had fought many foes in just as much armor as him when he was a mercenary his recent rise to power only made him realize just how meaningless it all was. He thought he was a warrior of unparalleled defense on the battlefield. Since then he had been cut, stabbed, beaten, bitten, and beat up many a time. He supposed that getting the weakness beaten out of you day after day could only make you stronger.

This man had a record very similar to his. Only people knew about his record, and he had never left enough survivors to tell his tale. He had robbed desert merchants, stolen from nobles, collected debts for some of the most despicable credit collectors in hyrule, and has even needlessly murdered some people. Aberham had worked up enough of a name heroically slaying Moglins, Stalfos, and bandits to be considered his equal.

Would you actually believe the knight was the man who hired him? He got a letter traditionally from one of his job offers, it was a bounty sheet for someone called the black knight. It had his name written in blood, geeze. How much about his trade did he know about? He was very exited to saddle up his warhorse, Joey. For battle. He was a cavalryman of reasonable experience, and the well crafted lance at it's side would no doubt be a great asset in the coming battle.

He went out of castle town just before sunset, and found his opponent waiting for him. He was on his own horse, and he had his own lance. His equipment eerily mirrored his own, when his horse trotted down to face him he noticed that a crowd had gathered outside of the town. mostly it was people he did not know, but he did see a young merchant that he had helped in the past, who was waving at him profusely. Aberham looked him in the eye and did not return the wave, he knew that no matter what he did that kid would continue to be his number one fan.

He drew his lane from a sheath in his horses saddle and said. "Be thy ready for battle!?" To only have the other knight take out his lance, something commonly used in tournaments, and say "Be thy ready for death?" The horses circled around the battlefield for a few moments. Both them and their mounts eyed each other up. This man also seemed to be of similar height and age to Aberham as well. Why the devil where they so similar in the first place?

Then their horses turned to face each other, as if some sort of unspoken command was uttered. They galloped towards each other, building up speed. Neither were covered in heavy armor and both were well trained. He drew his lance and his opponent drew his. Oh crap. That looks like it is at least two feet longer than min- *Unf! The lance with the sharpened steel battle tip knocked him clean off of his horse and onto the ground. His shield caught it however, and that protected him from further injury. He jumped up, picked his lance off the ground and climbed back up onto his horse. They charged again, and this time the lance caught him in the shoulder. His armor protected him from injury. But he fell to the floor yet again.

This time when he got up he was filled with renewed strength, of all things. This would not be an easy fight. But it would be refreshing after all those easy battles he had gone through. This time he spurred his horse to go extra fast, and just when he was about to get hit he jumped up onto his back, twirled his spear all around once in the air, and slammed the blade right into the side of his opponents horse. It caused a huge bleeding gash, and the horse fell to the ground with its master.

Aberhams horse slowed down, he switched to his sword and jumped off. Now he was standing fifteen feet away from the man. The black knight wriggled out from under his very injured horse and grabbed his own sword. It was a long sword and a bit lighter then Aberhams broadsword. The two charged and yelled


Their two swords met, and they entered a blade clash. It was then that he noticed just how many notches his foe had in his armor and sword. Then he realized, that his own sword was hardly any smoother either. It was a battle of strength! Aberham was larger than the man just slightly and his sword was better suited for up close. He sensed that with the bonus his armor gave him he should be a bit stronger that the man. But he could also sense that his unrelenting will to win would make a slight advantage worthless. The two pushed away from each other, and shared sword strikes. Each looking for just a tiny mistake in their opponents technique, he recognized his technique as what mercenary teach to their most heavily armored troops. He knew because it was only slightly different from the method he was using.

Eventually is was his foe that caught a mistake in his guard! He rammed the side of his sword into Aberhams chest and forced him into the ground. But before he could deliver another blow, a fatal blow. Aberham brought his sword up and held it by the middle to defend. The long sword clanged of his broadsword and he kicked the black knight with both of his legs, sending him flying back. He jumped up and ran over looking to land his own blow but only to have it immediately parried and to be kicked back himself.

Once his foe got up this time however, he could sense his weakness. He slashed and managed to get a blow through his armor, and landed a cut on his chest. This filled the warrior with fighting spirit however, and caused him to go charging at him. Aberham matched his charge at the last second and both of them went to the ground, their swords and their shields flying off in opposite directions.

Aberham crawled to his feet and picked up his blade, for his shield was to far out of reach. His opponent took his own blade in two hands, and looked through his eyes. The setting sun was at just the right angel for him to see through the eye slit in his helm. Gods he thought to himself. They're the same as mine.

The sun finally set over the horizon, and a wave of darkness hit the two fighters. The crowd of onlookers lit torches and lamps and continued to watch. The two clashed blades repeatedly. It looked like the man could see in the dark just as well as he could. Which should have been impossible, since he was born with the gift of Shadows sneak. Finally however, he landed an extra strong attack on his opponents sword causing him to cleave in two pieces. He stabbed his foe in a major artery and sensing the wound was fatal dropped his own sword to the ground as his foe fell down.

A cry of cheer went over the entire crowd. But they did not know who's name to chant, as they could only see the dark silhouette of a knight in the distance and hoped that the right man had won. But had he? He keeled down next to his dieing opponent, and removed his helmet.

A man could never have had more dread in his heart to see his own brother.

Aberham tore off his own helm, to show him his identity. "Brother! Brother!" He said, trying to staunch the flow of blood with both of his hands. It was his younger brother named Barry. "Why Barry? Why are you here? What are you doing away from the farm?" He asked.

"I just wanted to be like you!" The young man cried, his head dizzy from the blood loss. "Why did you become this way Aberham? I heard story's of a knight killing innocent people. I had to stop him! I-I lost my way didn't I? No matter what I did I never even had a doubt in my heart that it was wrong." He could feel his life fading away and he looked pasted the blackness on the corners of his vision to see the crowd going back into the town before monsters arrived.

Barry's last words to his brother where:

"Don't forget me Abe."
"Don't forget he like all those other people."
"But please, please!"
.... Silence.
"Forgive.... me...."

That night after Aberham had buried the body on the hill. He took his brothers helmet and wore it as his own from the on. On his gravestone it read:

A knight named Barry. May he never be forgotten, and may his soul seek eternal redemption.

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Re: The Knight Contract

Post by Seith on Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:52 pm

Looks good to me~ Approved~

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