Bandit Extermination [Mission]

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Bandit Extermination [Mission]

Post by Judge Cassidy on Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:06 pm

Mission Name: Kid's first contract.
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: Somehow, you have to make a living for yourself and that's why you've became a mercenary. You were assigned to kill a small group of bandits(5). Do it.
Requirements: Kill the Bandits
Player Count: 1
Reward: 50k rupees, 75 EXP
Word Count: 150 for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

Cassidy needed someway to pay the bills. And, that's why, with the help of his "guardian" Fetcher he got into the secret underground world of the mercenary. It was quick, easy money, and most of the jobs were what the jester loved the best. Death and torture!

As they walked to a hidden house in the middle of nowhere, Cassidy began to make some banter with his associate.

"Ooooh, this is why I haven't killed you Fetcher! You're so useful at giving a clown what he, it doesn't hurt that you ain't bad to look at either heheh."

As Cassidy looked at Fetcher, waiting for a reaction, he frowned in disappointment as he remembered that the man with no face couldn't really make any facial expressions. Bah! He couldn't even get satisfied watching Fetcher recoil in, he kept his mouth shut the rest of the trip, which of course, Fletcher was thankful for.

After about a hour of walking, they arrived to the destination: A broken down house with boarded up windows...he even saw a rat crawl through one of the many he's that plagued the place.

"Did you get your coordinates wrong, Mr. Smarty Pants?"

"Did you expect a mansion? Most of our clients are ordering very high profile kills..they wouldn't want to be in the public's eye. Anyways, let's go claim the contract, shall we?"

Cassidy touched the doorknob, which fell off. Looking at it plop to the ground, he let off a little chuckle. It reminded him of the way heads rolled to the ground..

"Are you serious? How poor is this guy, jesus!"

Fetcher, possibly irritated, brushed Cassidy aside and kicked the door open, then letting Cassidy lead the way.

The clown swaggered his way into the house.

" that I think about it, calling it a house may be too much.."

In the middle of the floor was an envelope which Cassidy opened. It could have contained some deadly biological poison, but he could care less. He took out the letter, and began reading it, his smile slowly growing.

"Killing a few bandits? Ooh, and it pays handsomely too! How wonderful!"

He handed the letter over to Fetcher, who stored it in his pocket.

"Well, you must be a quick reader, aren't you Fetcher?"

"Magic. Useful for espionage."

The duo exited the rundown house, and began to head towards the targets. The location? A small bandit camp, consisting of omly the five of them. The Star Foxes were a relatively new bandit clan from what he'd read..

"Cassidy, how do you prefer to approach this mission. I have no doubts that these people can beat me, but, with your weakened state I admit I'm worried about you."

"Bahahahaha! Save the feelings for the soap operas, hun! I'll be fine! Stealth? Who needs it?"

"Hm. You're right. You were always the flashy type."

It took them about half a hour to arrive at the small base of the five bandits, which was a simple house. It looked far better then the contractor's house, but Cassidy could admit that it wasn't saying much.

"Eh. I've seen better, what about you Fetcher?"

But before he could answer, a rage larger and ugly brute wearing armor burst out of the door, brandishing a sleek and shiny blade. He took a few steps towards the mercenaries until he was only five meters away.


Cassidy snapped his fingers.

"Fetcher. Show this man some manners, please."

And, before the giant could say anything, Fetcher drew his crossbow, firing an arrow that piercing his skull and went into his brain, killing him instantly. Of course, for Cassidy the fun didn't end just quite yet. Walking to the corpse, he unzipped his pants and began peeing all over the body.

"Euck, sorry Fetcher. Had to go really badly and didn't want to wet myself.."

Fetcher just shrugged. But, before Cassidy could zip his pants back up, one of the bandits opened the door, shocked at the sight he saw. But, as soon as he showed his face, his head would be blown to pieces, the result of the high pressure water sphere that erupted from Cassidy's mouth.

"Fetcher, what happens when water and a human's head walk in a bar? He gets a case of the explosives! Ahah, now burn this house to the ground!"

Fetcher obliged, chucking a fireball at the wooden house. It quickly began to burn down, frying the remaining foes inside and turning them into a fine dust.

The duo left, off to collect the reward.

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Re: Bandit Extermination [Mission]

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:17 pm

Hmmmm, the ending seemed a bit rushed, but there are no rules against that.

APPROVED! Your 50k rupees and 75 EXP will be added shortly.


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