Remlits without light. (MISSION / Aberham / Leonidas)

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Remlits without light. (MISSION / Aberham / Leonidas)

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:33 pm

Ztaroque wrote:Mission Name: Remlits without light.
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Hyrule Field (Night)
Description: Those darned Remlits have been reproducing like mad dogs. To keep Hyrule Field from being overwhelmed, we need a small group to help "control the population" if you catch my drift. -- Signed, Mysterious Vagabond
Requirements: 5 posts, 200 words | per player
Player Count: 3 (Ztar / Aberham / Leonidas)
Reward: 100K Rupees, 75 EXP
Word Count: 1000
Mission Boss: No


A chilling, Hylian evening. The sounds of birds haunting the sky. In a small distance was the castle town, it's gates sealed to prevent the beasts of the night from paying unwelcomed visits. Ah, those walls; the way  the mechanisms in the bridge functioned were all but engrossing. ... 'Ah, now's not the time to think about science.' a small lass feigns to herself, standing atop a plateau, overseeing the running river accompanied by the setting sun.

We only had to wait until the wolfos howl fills the sky. That is when the darkness shall come to rise.

Rozenart closes her trusty parasol--with the sunlight gone all dangers that come with it have passed. The night makes it way embracing the sky, the only lights provided were the stars above -- nay, not even the moon had been present this night. For it was a new moon.

There was a sound in the distance that sounded like the clopping of horses; at least two but perhaps four in the distance. A carriage of some sort arrived with a small shady fella mounting the reigns. Ah, this was the fella who posted up that bulletin no doubt. Rozenart always thought that the clients were faceless voices that had problems they couldn't deal with on their own and hired others to do their dirty work for them for an uncompromisable amount of money because they were good-for-nothing try-hards.
Rozenart walks around to the back of the carriage to greet the shady client. He wore a robe of some sort, screaming sociable menace in every definition of the word.

"There's quite a few buggers around. So I thought if you could maybe, also, clean up the corpses and bring 'em to me cart, that'd be grand. We can't `ave the imperial guards knowin` about this after all."

"Ah...? Huh..." Rozenart places a gloved palm over her lips, her eyes narrow slightly. This operation -- it was likely not legal at all nor authorized by Hylian Officials; and probably had some ulterior motive to it. Still, money was money, and Rozenart needed a lot of it. So she couldn't be too choosy about her work. "Yes sir, should we be using these tools to do the job then?" The frail beauty reaches to the back of the carriage, taking a small hunting knife provided by the caravan. There was nothing special about the knife at all.

"Just bring 'em back when you're done. Do not lose me knives or you won't be gettin` paid." the man urgently declared, before going back to hiding in his carriage.

Yeah yeah, I won't I won't... It was a little unusual to hold a knife, but it's not as if the maiden hadn't experience cleaning flesh when cooking food.

*rattle rattle* The remlits--! They were near.
And by the fierce sounds of the rattling, there would be many more yet to come. Lifting her gaze from the tall grass by the lake, on the other side, several fluffballs appeared! ...

"Arhh.. uwah..! she groaned, why did there have to be people here? If not for that she could easily pass over the water in shadows. Agitated at superficiality, she places the knives handle in her mouth and held the sides of her gown, crossing over the thin river as quickly as possible, painfully staining her pure white boots.

"You're all going to pay for this now..!" she muttered under her breath, taking out the hunting knife and rolling under the grass to make for her first claim..

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Re: Remlits without light. (MISSION / Aberham / Leonidas)

Post by Aberham on Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:27 pm

A man in full armor stepped out of the Caravan. He had no such qualms about doing illegal work of any kind, but he would prefer to be doing something a bit more exiting. Hell he thought to himself. He had managed to talk the carivaneer in to matching his rates so it was time to boil this anthill!

He noticed a girl immediately rolling around in the grass. To the causal observer she would be hard to spot but Aberham was given the gift to see through darkness a long time ago. Hyrule fields barley looked different when it was dark to him! He could see that she was creeping up on something and immediately wondered just how over prepared he was for this hunt. All he needed was a crossbow and a clear line of sight!

Still, he thought it best not to steal her kill, since she would no doubt have to work so hard for it. He turned around and focused his vision, he could make out something near a tree. There was likely a nest here he supposed. He stepped forward and made a huge amount of noise, probably alerting every rimlet in two dozen yards of his location. (They have excellent hearing) Then he saw one, digging in the ground for a root.

He creeped up on it, nice and slow. He raised his sword.... and.... stepped on a twig. This immediately alerted the rodent and it jumped at him trying to sink it's teeth into his chest. Aberham instinctively swung his sword and he cut right through it evenly! From it's nose to it's tail, he had the strength of a tier three amateur knight!

[center]"Heh" He said to himself, before picking up the two pieces of the body and taking it back to the caravan. He watched the girl do her work as he walked by.

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