Princess Zelda

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Princess Zelda

Post by Zelda on Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:03 am

Name: Zelda
Alias: Sheik
Age: 19
Class: Caster
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Special features: Mark of the Triforce on the back of her right hand

Personality: Wise beyond her years, Zelda is ambitious and determined. Though she lives a life full of high expectations and constant supervision, she still finds time to wander off within Castle Town to interact with her people. She believes that in order to be a good ruler, you must understand your people and give when they need to receive. She is very kindhearted and shy, though at times she can be very outspoken. She always speaks her mind when she believes that something isn't right and though it is only a legend, she believes in her heart that the spirit of the hero is lingering in the world somewhere, just waiting to be called to.

Zelda is very serious about her duties as a princess and would do anything to keep her people safe. Because of this, she has taken on an alter ego that is known commonly among the royal family to be taken in times of despair - trained by her nursemaid Impa, she has learned the arts of the Sheikah. No one knows of this disguise she takes other than Impa, so she is able to pass off as a completely separate person from the princess.

After her father's death, Zelda become much more reserved than normal. She stopped making visits into town, and when she had found that she would soon become the Queen (since her mother has since passed on when she was a baby), she has taken her duties much more seriously. Having had a vision of a dark force coming to wash over the land of Hyrule, she has taken extra precautions to protect the city, creating more space in the Knights Academy for those who wish to take up arms. She is determined to find her hero and hope he comes to her easily.
-Playing Harp - Zelda is easily calmed by the strum of her harp. While it can have magical properties when certain songs are played, sometimes it's just easing to her to listen to the sounds linger in the halls of the castle.
-Helping Others - Zelda is a very giving and selfless person. She would much rather fight and die to protect her people than only save herself.
-Adventures - Zelda has only been outside of Castle Town once in her life. Because of this, she has a yearning for adventure. She wants to see what it is like behind the kingdom walls again.
-Selfish People - Zelda has a detest for those who only think about themselves.
-Being Belittled - whether it's because she is young or because she is a woman, Zelda hates when people do not listen to her advice and think that they know more than her.
-Cockiness - Zelda hates people who enjoy bragging about themselves to impress others.
-Saving Hyrule - Zelda is determined to save her people, even if it is the last thing she does.
-Finding the Chosen Hero - Zelda knows that there is an unbreakable spirit just waiting to be awakened.
-Evil getting their hands on the triforce - Zelda is afraid for what will happen to the world if evil touches the Triforce.
-Death of the Chosen Hero - Zelda is afraid that if the hero dies, all hope is lost.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 132lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Appearance: Normal Appearance:
Sheikah Appearance:

History: Zelda was born into the royal family of Hyrule, chosen by the Goddess of Wisdom to hold the spirit of the Goddess. A reincarnation of many princesses within the royal family to date, it was no secret that she was destined for greatness. Though the roll of the Goddess and Hero had not been needed for centuries, she would be a proud and kind ruler of this country and give hope to the lands around them.

Growing up, Zelda was quite the troublemaker. She'd always sneak off when no one was looking and she gave her nursemaid a run for her money. She'd always find ways to sneak off into the town, pretending to be a peasant and getting herself mixed in with the crowd - this is how she got to know many people within the kingdom walls. Even now, she takes the time to get herself out there to help her people, even if it worries her father.

Her mother died when she was very young and she doesn't have many memories of her. Growing up, Impa always appeared as the motherly figure to her, so she often came to her when she needed advice or was grieving. This was no exception when her father had passed away. While it was very untimely and unexpected, the King had grown incredibly ill over the course of a few days and passed on in his sleep. Zelda locked herself within her room for days, until she had then had a vision in her sleep of the Goddesses calling out to her, showing her a future where the city land was burning and an evil man stood over it, cackling as he held the triforce in his hands.

Zelda's mindset changed completely after this. Confiding to Impa about it, she immediately believed her and promised to help her find the Hero of Destiny. Zelda called for all able bodied men to join the ranks of the Hyrule Army, hoping that this would be the next step into discovering the hero. When she then began warning the people of her vision, they had immediately stepped in to create their own coalitions to grow stronger and defeat this evil force, not believing a hero would come.
RP Sample: Waking up with a jolt, Zelda felt the sweat beads on her forehead as she looked around frantically. Her heart had sunk - it was that dream again. The same dream she had been having over and over. With waves of fire engulfing the Kingdom of Hyrule, Ganondorf, the prince of darkness stood over her, cackling darkly as he head the triforce proudly in his clutches. And just as he was about to wish for her demise, the hero clothed in green appeared before her, stepping up and knocking the golden relic out of his hands.

"Take the Triforce!" he commanded to Zelda immediately. "I'll hold him off!" Huffing quickly as she scrambled to her feet, Zelda immediately jolted to grab the relic, but before she even had a chance, she could hear Link screaming in anguish as Ganondorf laughed darkly. "The line of heroes has been broken!" With the triforce now in her hands, she looked between Link's lifeless body, and up to the Dark Lord who was approaching her. She had to make a choice... Save the line of heroes, or seal Ganondorf's spirit back into the realm...

Saving the line of heroes would not stop Ganondorf from taking control of the kingdom this cycle. But sending his spirit back to the realm would not mean peace for eternity either... and with no hero to come to aid them in the next cycle, then there would surely be no hope.

What was she going to do?

Before she could even make her decision, she had woken up, the lingering grief in her heart. Though she did not know the hero - she hadn't even met him - she felt as though they had been in each other's lives for eternity and had great fondness for him that was incredibly surreal. It was a destined bond, as the spirit of the hero and the spirit of the Goddess were always meant to coincide.

Reference: My site bruh
Face claim: Zelda/Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors/Zelda and Sheik

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Re: Princess Zelda

Post by Seith on Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:33 am

The future king of LeVain approves.

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