The messenger contract (mission)

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The messenger contract (mission)

Post by Aberham on Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:45 am

Aberham was having a good day. It had been awhile since he had been a man sized chew toy for a pack of wolves for his last contract. Getting the shepherds to pay was difficult. But a man who was picking wold teeth out of his but and yelling at you to be paid is very intimidating. He got a healthy bonus on the last job, and it had taken him long enough to get the pay that his wounds were all healed. He was worried about his right side however, the moglin spear that had gotten jabbed in there a while certainly did some damage. He hoped that it was not permanent, as sometimes it still aches.

For this job he had taken it out from someone very suspicious. He asked around with his feelers to see if there was anyone who could meet his rates. Sure enough there was someone who needed their dirty work done. They communicated through someone else enitrly. The job was simple, intercept three messengers and retrieve three letters. One of which should be on each person. Even the man who he talked to looked high class. Like the head butler for some impoverished noble. He was to identify the letters by the royal Hylian seals on the front of them.

Once everything had been explained and Aberham had negotiated aggressively to get a good rate he took out a contract. The man at first refused to sign his name. Thats when Aberham said. "Do not sign your name, sign that of who you are or who you represent. I can swear to you that no eyes shall see this paper unless you violate your end of the deal." He handed him a quill. When the man asked for some ink Aberham gave him a knife. it was clear what he wanted him to do after he cut his own hand and signed his name in blood with a separate quill.

A contract, signed in blood from both partys. Was now in Aberhams possession, he would keep records such as this for himself and no one else. The man had written down no name, but only "The nobility" This made Aberham wonder if he was working for some royal lord. Intercepting something incriminating. He could turn something like that over and make a fortune. But a contract had been made, and he would follow it out by the letter.

He had some idea of what path the first messenger would take. He was known as one of the fastest couriers this side of the world. The paths he took were well documented as many other people who wanted an edge while traveling. He took the time to make a simple trap. He dug a hole about nine feet deep on the innermost side of the path. He did this there instead of in the middle because this self proclaimed champion messenger was no doubt incredibly snooty and would use the shortest path, and like any chariot racer will tell you, that path is on the innermost edge. He put a bunch of leaves and branches around the entire area of the hole and at least ten feet of the path behind it.

Surely enough, at the crack of dawn a man wearing rights came race walking at the pace of most joggers. Pfft he thought to himself. He had no doubt that he could catch up to him if he full on ran. But he was almost certain that this man kept up this pace for hours, if not possibly days at a time. Around the time the man came down the path with a perfect pace he looked at the sun to check the time. He took one step into the hole and fell nine feet all the way down. He was so surprised he did not even screen. Besides an "Oof!" When he hit the ground.

Aberham walked out of his hiding place and crouched down. "Looks like you could use some help friend." He had a small wooden ladder with him. The messenger, who was in great shape popped back up on his feet. "A bandit! I have no time to waste with you today good sir! I have a package to deliver.You'll ave none of my mail. But I am a professional however, and have a highwayman "tax" prepared for you." The man tossed up a small bag of red and blue rupees. They where worth about one hundred and twenty in total. If he had been trying to rob the man he would have gave him the ladder and walked away. Instead he left the bag at his feet and said. "Well aren't you professional. Hand over all your mail right now." He tapped his sword against his shield. "Or else this nine foot whole your stuck in will become your grave."

The man clutched the mail to his body for a few moments. Before Aberham was about to drop down he said "Oh fine take it all! But leave my money and the ladder." Aberham kicked down the cash because it was chump change. Then he took his ladder and left the man in a hole. To his eternal complaint. He took the entire bag so that the man would not know what he had taken. It was all high priority stuff. Plenty was for the royals and had their seal. But only one was in the blue envelope. Once completely away from the man he took his letter and burned the rest of the bag in a fire. He looked at the sun and cursed, he had spent to much time on just this guy. He would have no such time for traps with the others.

He had been informed of the next messenger by his employer. Apparently this guy worked for a company, he moved with no less than three other messengers when on the roads at all times. They only split up when they enter castle town. This meant that he would have to deal with them all at once. He could be identified by his headband. He had to jog all the way to the next path and it really made him wish that he had a horse. But he made it there on time to see them all race walking down the trail.

He stood in their way, sword and shield drawn. "Give me everything you got!" He yelled, trying to sound like a brigand. The three stopped. He could see the one wearing a red headband in the back. But what the heck, there was another guy with the same band! This would make things difficult. It was clear that the two who were wearing the bands were new recruits who had a lot to do before they were considered veteran messengers for the company. The one without the headband looked to be the most experienced, having the option to not wear the company logo. He was not nearly as scared as the others. But he was still jelly legged all the same. He yelled "R-Run men! Scatter, split up! I'll hold him off!" The other two had no problem running away. But instead of going in different directions one was slower and instead opted to follow his partner.

The man in front of him threw his body onto his. It may seem noble but in actuality instead of tackling Aberham he basically tried to give him a bear hug. Abe was faster however, and he clocked him on the temple with the hilt of his sword, knocking him out. "Hey get back here!" He yelled to the two who were running away. He started running after them, ditching his weapons so he could keep up.

Almost twenty minutes later Aberham hated all messengers ever. They were not running in a strait line, quite the opposite in fact. They got turned around so much he ran by the guy he knocked out three times. He felt like he was wearing a big leather track suit. It smelled absolutely awful, the sun was baring down on him and he was sweating terribly. The people he was chasing where not adults, or even fully grown. His legs were longer and he had a great resolve to catch them, but whenever he would get near them as they tired one would produce two stamina potions for each of them, chug it down, and take off with renewed vigor. Eventually though, he ran out of green energy drinks, and he was wrestled to the ground and beat up by Aberham. The other took off as fast as he could with such little energy.

Aberham quickly dug through the pack of the man he had just beaten into unconsciousness, nothing with a royal seal on it. "Hey you!" He said yelling to the last messenger with a headband. "Get back here." The final one was very desperate, he yelled for help, he ran around frantically, once Aberham eventually caught up to him he fell on his knee's and begged him not to hurt him. Aberham was so sick of this kid however, that he just rummaged through his pack. "What? Where is the royal letter?" "R-Royal letter sir?" "Don't be daft someone with a headband in your group has a very valuable letter with a royal seal. Where is it!?" The kid flinched. "J-Jim's the only one they let carry anything important. He's the guy who lent me this headband."

Aberham was so angry at that one moment that he kicked the kid in the head, knocked him out, stomped back to the very first messenger who was no having a lovely nap, picked his pocket, stole his money, dug in his bag, found the letter, and spit on his face.

There was no time left to catch this last guy. He was almost last sure but he would be arriving in Castle town in fifteen minutes! He was so far away from the place he had no hope of catching him. He sat next to the guy who he had just blatantly robbed. Then he saw something green in his bag. Could it be? Yes! A potion of stamina! He stood up, grabbed his weapons, knocked the foul liquid back and ran at full speed down the field.

He managed to find the guy in an area just outside of castle town, but still outside of the few of the walls. It was just a young girl, probably a kid given the letter that way it could arrive with notoriety. She looked like she ran an independent delivery business with her as the only employee. She was checking her bag, making sure that the most important message she would ever deliver was tucked away safely in her pack. The potion wore off just as he was approaching her, he had his weapon drawn.

"Give me your bag!" The girl jumped and shrieked in surprise. "N-No please!" She said clutching the bag to her chest. He growled and took a step forward. The girl shrieked and turned, running away. Aberham by this time had had great practice catching messengers. He caught up behind her in a few steps, drew his sword back, and stabbed her his blade slipping right through her.

He was searching her bag before she had even finished dieing. "Why?" She muttered, her face turning white. Aberham found the message and had it in his hand. He said a few simple words.

"Why do anything?"

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Re: The messenger contract (mission)

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