An eye for an eye [Mission] (Mature)

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An eye for an eye [Mission] (Mature)

Post by Judge Cassidy on Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:42 pm

Mission Name: Torture
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: A friend of yours has captured a bandit that tried to steal something personal from you. Now you need to find out the answers you want, even if it means flaying all his skin off..
Requirements: Make sure he doesn't die before you get your answers.
Player Count: 1
Reward: 75 exp 50k rupees
Word Count: 150 words for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

He was out in the woods, smelling the sweet aroma of a rose on a rather sunny evening. Cassidy had a pretty good time pulling pranks on the local villagers, and thought this day would end pretty smoothly.

Boy, was he wrong...

A bird descended, perched near the ground next to Cassidy, dropping off a letter and flying back to wherever it came from.

"Oooh, a letter? For little ole me? I wonder who's asking this stud to the prom?"

But, his happy expression immediately changed as he slowly went over the contents of the letter, absorbing every last word into his mind.

He was frowning...and when Cassidy was frowning, people died. Towns were destroyed, completely wiped off the map. He took a few breaths, and sighed, getting up and following the coordinates of the letter.

"Some buffoon actually had the balls to steal from me? I don't know whether he's brave...or stu- Bah, fuck cliches!"

He crushed the rose that was in his hands, uncaring about the thorns that pierced his flesh and drew blood, throwing the remains on the ground.

"Fetcher is the man who caught him? Interesting. He was always a smart fellow, so that's how he must have tracked him down. I'm tempted to kill him too! But, alas, he's too much of a valuable tool for me to think about something like that."

Back in the good days when Cassidy had his full power, Fetcher was his general of a small army. They had a few jokes, even though Cassidy could never get that bastard to laugh. Oh well. At least some of his stronger henchmen were beginning to return, and he could easily replace the generic soldiers.

An hour later, Cassidy arrived at the entrance of his current base of operations, with Fetcher waiting outside. He was a rather strange man, standing in at six feet ten inches, and wearing a blue trenchcoat, with blue boots, and a blue hat. Cassidy could tell he liked blue a lot.

But perhaps the strangest thing about this man was the fact that he had no face. No eyes, no nose...nothing. It was like a blank canvas. Cassidy never got around to asking what the FUCK happened to him.

"Ooooh, hey Fetcher~ You've been waiting out here for a hour just for me? I'm flattered."

"No. I stood out here for twenty seconds, I made some calculations."

Cassidy blew a raspberry. This guy was such a buzzkill! Fetcher headed inside, and Cassidy followed. In the middle of the floor was a dirty bandit, beaten, tied up, and gagged.

"I'll explain how I know about your little incident later, Jokerz. For now, it's time for you to interrogate your friend here. I've already gotten a little information out of him. Apparently, he was trying to be apart of some clan of bandits and this was his initiation test. But, since he was the one to steal your stuff, I didn't go on. You deserve this...and he's such a bitch it disgusts me.." Cassidy, it was akin to a hobby.

"I do love me some torture, hahahaha!"


Fetcher motioned over to a table which contained various tools used for torturing. Cassidy eyes glimmered like a child in a candy shop, taking a small dagger and slicing off the gag.

"Hello..we're gonna play a little game! We can stop all of this right now if you just snitch!"

"Fuck you, ya little pipsqueak!"

Spitting in Cassidy's face only made the clown angrier...

"And that, was mistake number one!"

He undid the rope that held the bandit's cloth pants up, revealing his rather small weiner. With the knife, he jammed it directly where the pee pee came from! The screams of pain sent ecstasy throughout his body!

"Don't play with your life, boy! Now, I know you don't like this pain...TELL US!"


"Thank you!"

He quickly took the knife out of the boy's penis, watching a shower of blood erupt in glee, then shoving the steel blade into his heart, ending his life. While he DID want to continue more, his hatred for these wannabes was too high. They all needed to die..but first, Cassidy needed training.

"So, shall we leave for battle Cassidy? Or is your body still too weak.."

"Give me a week. Then, this mountain clan will be no more.."

Fletcher, with a wave of his hand, caused the body disintegrate into ashes.

"I will assist in your training...we should start as soon as possible. While we're doing that I'll tell you the story of how I tracked you down.."

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Re: An eye for an eye [Mission] (Mature)

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:02 pm

Word count is high enough. Approved.

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