Cassidy the Magician

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Cassidy the Magician

Post by Judge Cassidy on Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:29 pm

Mission Name: Caster Training
Mission Rank: Amateur
Location: Land of Hyrule
Description: Study these BORING books and learn some magic so you can do the fun stuff and genocide.
Requirements: Read the Books
Player Count: 1
Reward: 50k rupees, 75 EXP
Word Count: 150 for 5 posts
Mission Boss: No

Sometimes, Cassidy had to admit that being a kid had some positives. But, the one thing that he hated the most about this whole affair was his the loss of his magic. He was the master of 10 elements and possessed illusions, and all that good stuff! But, it was all gone, and he had to retrain it again. Such a tedious task...

But, on the bright side it would be easier to learn since he already learned them all. Or, at least he hoped so.

Today, he was wearing his classic purple suit, strutting into the local library like he owned the place, asking the librarian for some magic books. The librarian pointed him to the magic section, and obviously he would follow these instructions.

I don't like his ugly mug. If I ever find him in a dark alley I'm killing him for ten hours..

He grabbed a book that piqued his interest from one of the shelves and took a seat on one of the wooden chairs. Cassidy sighed.

Out of all the powers, I'm stuck with water. It was my third least favorite besides lightning and fire...heh, kind of ironic when you think about it....a fish hating water! Kahahahahahaha!

He opened the book, and began reading. It was so fucking boring! It was like he was losing brain cells from this piece of shit!

"Gah! Fuck this, I knew I should have done it my way!"

With that, he threw the book across the room and left the library before anyone could speak. His next best choice would be the training fields. Some visualization and meditation would increase his power ten times more then some stupid book..

The people here annoyed him, but he felt like the guards would be more trouble then it would be worth if he tried to kill them all. It was something about the way these people walked with no pep! Wiping this sad village off the map would be doing people a favor..

Anyways, he was now inside the training field, a large, 100 meter wide grassy area with a few trees. He saw a few swordsman and martial artists practicing over here, but preferred to be removed from the action. Cassidy got into a meditation stance, and began to focus his energies. He didn't really care about how dirty this suit would get...he'd just steal another one.

Bah! Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake trying to be a magician..I could have been a basic swordsman, stabbing and killing people! But nooo...I had to go with the flashier one!

He aligned his mind, body, and spirit together, visualizing them getting exercise the same way a real person would get exercise. It might have sounded a little crazy, but, Cassidy is pretty crazy. Plus, it gives results.

He finished up his meditation in about an hour, glad that no one was stupid enough to annoy him during his trance. Satisfied with the power he gained training his water element, he decided that it would be enough for today. He'd do some heavier training tomorrow. The same people were here. Cassidy was tempted to give into his darker side, torturing them all and drowning them. But, he promised himself that he wouldn't kill them unless they were annoying!

Think about it, Cass! They're probably not even close to one hundred percent strength from all the training that they've been's easy pickings!

Shut up! You aren't controlling me, ya know. Now that's the end of the conversation.

He then began to walk out of the training field, but it was true. He needed to kill SOMETHING.

As he walked into the more shadier side of the village, he came across a puppy that looked sickly. This was the perfect chance to be testing his skills..

Channeling the water energy inside of his body, a baseball shaped, high pressure attack would fire from his mouth, its aim to kill the puppy. In a second the pups head was no more, turned into small chunks of gooey, unrecognizable matter.

"That felt SO good! I feel alive!"

Did he feel bad for the owner? Of course not! Each time he replayed the dog's death scene, he felt invigorated with power! He wanted to kill more pets...but, alas, night was falling and that was when the creeps started to come out. It was time for him to start traveling again and causing havoc!

WC: 758

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Re: Cassidy the Magician

Post by Oliver Windhelm on Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:58 pm

Funny in a darker sense, I will give you that. It actually seems like you are the joker. I could still cut you up doe heheh.

APPROVED. 50k rupees and 75 EXP for you bro!


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