Ztaroque's Abilities & Spells

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Ztaroque's Abilities & Spells

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 21, 2015 2:49 pm

Name: Twili ability * Shadow Pass
Rank: Amateur
Description: Becomes a shadow that slinks through the ground or walls/trees/etc. Can also float off surfaces for brief periods of time.
Duration and Cooldown: Duration is indefinite, as this can be used for hibernation. | 1 post cooldown if turned off manually | 5 posts if (somehow) forced out magically.
Strengths: Great for sneaking around, especially at night or in shady places.
Weakness: Visible in almost any light.


Name: Shadow Magic * Dark Embrace
Rank: Amateur
Description: A trail of darkness slithers across the ground, when underfoot, it coils around it's assigned target like a serpent to hold them down to restrain movement.
Duration and cooldown: Restrains for 1 post, 2 at night / dark areas | cool-down 3.
Strengths: Can be used to interrupt spell casts. Useful support spell for holding down a foe for allies.
Weakness: Light magic can erase all shreds of it if overwhelmed. It is a little slow so while it works good as a surprise maneuver, if seen it can be easy for the prey to avoid. Turning the shadow is also a bit difficult.

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Re: Ztaroque's Abilities & Spells

Post by Chase on Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:20 pm


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