Draco Adramelechk (DONE)

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Draco Adramelechk (DONE)

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:36 am

Name: Draco Adramelechk
Alias: The Dragon Knight
Age: 19
Class: Knight
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Kingdom: Hyrule
Special features: Draco has a large scar on his chest

Personality: Draco is a very odd person. Despite the serious aura he gives off, Draco is actually a very cool person. He is very easy to talk to, he is calm and collected. Draco is also very polite and kind. Some say he is gentleman. Draco is a free spirit, he hates being tied down. He's the type of guy to do what he wants when he wants. Most people who know him thinks he's unpredictable and reckless. The truth is Draco simply just wants to live his life to the fullest. Draco loves to fight. Draco is the type of guy who will keep striving to become stronger. Despite Draco's devil may care attitude, he will not hesitate to step in to protect the innocent and those in need. It seems that Draco is either really brave or he's just really reckless. Oddly enough Draco is actually very smart, he is an incredible tactician. Draco notices every little detail around him. Draco is always quick to act, if he has no time to think of a plan Draco goes with a simple plan....and that plan is to attack.  Draco is a very loyal friend, he will do anything to protect his friends and comrades. Draco will not hesitate to give his life in order to save someone he cares about. When Draco is angered, which by the way is nearly impossible to make him angry, all hell turns loose. Draco will not stop till he has his opponents bones into dust.

  • Pretty Ladies: Draco loves to flirt.

  • Fighting, Draco loves a good fight

  • Adventure, Draco loves to travel and find new adventures


  • Bullies, Draco hates those who pick on somebody weaker than them

  • Being bored, he hates being bored

  • Idiots, Draco hates being around incompetent people

Motivations:Draco wishes to become the strongest knight ever, he just wants the title of the the strongest Knight. Draco wishes to go on the grandest adventure, this is because he wants to make his own legend. He also wishes to find the right girl.

Fears: Draco is afraid of dying with out leaving behind a legacy, he fears that people will forget him. Draco also fears that he is not strong enough to protect the ones he cares about.

Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 157 lbs.
Eye color: silver
Hair color: White

History: Draco was the son of a royal guard. He was expected to become a knight and protect the royal family of Hyrule just like his ancestors. His father forced him to join Hyrule's military and become a knight. Draco easily rose the ranks and gained honor. He was considered to be one of the strongest knights in Hyrule. Despite these achievements Draco was unsatisfied. The day he was supposed to meet Zelda along with the other knights, Draco ran away and decided to give up being a knight of Hyrule. Draco went on a journey looking for stronger opponents to fight. His journey eventually led him to the cave of a evil dragon. There Draco fought the dragon, for 3 days the dragon and Draco fought. On the fourth day Draco was able to slay the evil dragon. As a token of his victory, Draco took the Dragons scales and forge them into his armor and shield. Draco created his sword using the dragons sharpest tooth.  Thus Draco became known as the Dragon Knight. Draco is currently living as a wandering knight. He is still in search for new stronger and more challenging opponents. He is also in search for another adventure. He plans to prove that he's the strongest knight.

RP Sample:The air was filled with the scent of sulfur and rotten flesh. Draco stood in front of a giant cave, it's entrance beckoning Draco inside so that he would meet his end. As Draco walked forward his makeshift armor clunked together creating quiet amount of noise. Yes, the cave was calling him, Draco would enter but he knew that he would not meet his end here. After a few more footsteps Draco found himself in the cave. The cave was dark and damp, the constant hissing of geysers could be heard as they spewed out flesh melting steam. Despite this Draco continued, dodging the sudden burst of steam that spewed out of the ground. Soon enough Draco came to clearing, the cave was lit up by the glow of countless glowing stones. It was as if Draco had stepped into space and was surrounded  by the stars. For a brief moment Draco stood there marveling at natures beauty. Unfortunately Draco's moment of awe was cut off by a deep growl. Draco smirked as he drew his blade. A stream of fire shot towards Draco. Draco simply rolled away just in time. There in front of Draco was a leviathan dragon that stood over a thousand feet tall. Draco let out a laugh, his heart was pumping so hard he could hear it beat. Draco's breath became faster as  he felt the adrenaline rush through is veins. His palms were a bit sweaty, his whole body shook. However this was not because he was afraid...No.....In this moment, Draco was in pure bliss, his whole body trembled in excitement as he face the fire breathing beast. The dragon stared down at Draco expecting him to cower away. However Draco stood his ground, he pointed his blade at the dragon as if taunting the beast.

"Hahaha.....Come on you scaly sack of shit.....Give me a good fight." Draco grinned as the Dragon roared as it lurched forward gnashing out it's razor sharp teeth.  

Reference: I found this site myself
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Re: Draco Adramelechk (DONE)

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Re: Draco Adramelechk (DONE)

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Re: Draco Adramelechk (DONE)

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Re: Draco Adramelechk (DONE)

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