Rosewood Brothers Bounty [Mission/Private/WIP]

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Rosewood Brothers Bounty [Mission/Private/WIP]

Post by Seith on Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:14 pm

Marik LeVain wrote:Mission Name: Rosewood Brother's Bounty
Mission Rank: Amateur Rank
Description: Two outlaw brothers have decided to cause trouble and try to start up a gang, they've been stealing from markets, extorting money from businesses and controlling the people with fear. There are also several murder charges involved, they are wanted dead or alive. Marik has been working hard and earned himself a specific job for him to test out his skills by his superiors. Marik must confront the Rosewood Brothers and either capture or kill them.
Requirements: 5 posts/150 words per post.
Player Count: solo mission.
Reward: 100k
Word Count: 750 words total.
Mission Boss: Yes.

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