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Land of Holodrum


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  • Land of Holodrum

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  • Horon City

    Horon City
    Horon Village is a central settlement of Holodrum and is the largest of the two human settlements in the land (the other being Sunken City).
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  • Sunken City

    Sunken City
    Sunken City is a secluded town located in northeastern Holodrum, just south of Mt. Cucco and the northern peaks of Holodrum. As its name suggests, the city is entirely flooded, stranding its citizens, most of which are unable to swim.
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  • Goron Mountains

    Goron Mountains
    Goron Mountain is a snowy mountain range located in the northern part of Holodrum. As its name would suggest, it is home to all the Gorons of Holodrum, including Biggoron, who is the most noticeable feature of the mountain.
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  • Woods of Winter

    Woods of Winter
    The Woods of Winter is a forested area in southeastern Holodrum. Given the numerous trees that block off paths in the area, the Woods of Winter is most easily navigated in winter (hence its name), when the leaves have fallen off the trees and the ponds have frozen over.
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  • Holodrum Plain

    Holodrum Plain
    The Holodrum Plain has a narrow and rectangular geographical shape that ranges from north to south. At the northern edge there is a small enclave.
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  • Samasa Desert

    Samasa Desert
    The Samasa Desert is riddled with cacti and pits of quicksand, some of which will suck Link down into a Like Like-infested cave.
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